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post bangin' brunch, mb post
Manhattan Beach Post

She called it one of the most surprising openings of the year. As one of the Best Meals of 2011Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic S. Irene Virbila lists her experience at M.B. Post as one of 2011’s most memorable. The upscale Water Grill in Downtown LA with Chef David LeFevre at the helm for years has been our favorite seafood restaurant, and that hasn’t changed. But now this Michelin-starred chef is in the South Bay, our neck of the woods, down at the beach, and we’re thrilled.

manhattan beach post restaurant

M.B Post serves imaginative, artisan global-style dishes in a casually sophisticated atmosphere that purposefully lends itself to a “social house” setting. It’s a fresh brilliant concept where sliding doors open onto the street, with beach-town ambiance, but in a non-stereotypical fashion.

The Chef began offering his Post Bangin’ Brunch in January. Hooray.

“Congrats to our team!!
Nominated for Best New Restaurant in America & Best Chef Pacific by the James Beard Foundation.
Big THANK YOU to the best guests in America!!”

{brunch on a sunny weekend morning in manhattan beach}

mb+post table
A rustic flower bouquet. Relaxed engaging service (thanks Angela). Warm rough wood and natural light. Friendly, gregarious guests. M.B. post is housed in an old post office on Manhattan Avenue a couple blocks from the historic Manhattan Beach pier. It has that neighborhood feel, as a welcome community hang-out or a place for tourists to enjoy and experience this charming seaside town.


buttermilk biscuits

bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits, maple butter
*Jonathan Gold’s Best Dishes of 2011
“what you are going to dream about tonight”

{eggs plus}

mb post

poached egg

asparagus, creamy polenta, bianco sardo
*our top pick

mb post, chimichanga


scrambled egg, chorizo spiced pork, pepperjack, yam

mb post

chimichanga (continued)

with jimmy’s mom’s salsa verde

{hand-crafted cocktails}

coughlin's law

red-eye with tito’s handmade vodka, belgian pilsner, tomato, dill, picante, quail egg

{weekend parcels}

mb post brunch

burrata & roasted pepper sandwich

burrata & roasted pepper sandwich, green olive pesto, pretzel bread
house chips

mb post

fried chicken

truffle honey laced fried chicken
kohlrabi slaw



billecart-salmon, extra brut, 2004

A stellar bottle of Champagne is presented by the manager wearing an untucked, rolled-up sleeve plaid shirt. So relaxed. So South Bay. So M.B Post.

billecart-salmon 2004

plentiful dynamic mousse

Billecart-Salmon Extra Brut 2004, a blend of 40% Pinot Meunier, 35% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay is indeed quite dry, as expected. Bright, fresh, intense. Aromas of apples and warm brioche. Flavors of orchard fruits. Refreshing, complex, mature. One of life’s sweet pleasures is a fine bubbly paired with a fabulous brunch… (Thanks, Rob).

{restaurant scenes}

manhattan beach post restaurant

mb post dining room

manhattan beach post kitchen

manhattan beach post dining room

manhattan beach post dining room
{sweet ending}

manhattan+beach+post+ apple+hand+pie

apple hand pies

spiced apple hand pies, salted caramel sauce

manhattan+beach+post+ sticky+buns

sticky buns

sticky buns, pecan and brown sugar

manhattan beach post

and hot tea

{take a stroll after brunch}

manhattan beach pier

manhattan beach pier

M.B. Post
1142 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach, California
(310) 545-5405 @ChefDLeFevre

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19 Responses to “Brunch. Manhattan. Beach.”

  1. Whitney says:

    Hi Lori Lynn, thanks for checking out my post on MB Post in Manhattan Beach, I thought you would enjoy this one too! Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach!

  2. Peggy says:

    This looks like an amazing brunch spot!

  3. Alan & Diana says:

    – We could not be prouder of all you’ve done, even if we were your parents . . .
    The “Capital District” could use a satellite of ‘MP Post’ whenever your schedule permits.
    Love, A&D

  4. Oh my goodness..I don’t know which dish look better…Everything is so beautiful and tasty! Love burrata & roasted pepper sandwich and those sticky buns are mmmm!:))

  5. Laz says:

    First, fantastic photos. Job well done. I am sure the meal was great, you make it look fabulous. But those biscuits? Wow, I will be dreaming of them tonight.

  6. Kiri W. says:

    Wooow! Wonderful photos, and my mouth si watering at all these fantastic looking treats!

  7. I think I’d be a regular at that place if I lived nearby – just to eat that creamy polenta.

  8. Joan nova says:

    Love the vibe, the serving vessels and I definitely would dream about those biscuits!

  9. PG says:

    I was going to list all of the dishes I would want to try…but then the list got too long and just seemed excessive. Great photos!

  10. Sandra says:

    Those cheddar biscuits are banging!

  11. Liz says:

    Wow, those cheddar biscuits…those desserts!!!! One of my high school gfs lives in MB…next visit, I know where we’ll go for brunch! xo

  12. That brunch looks incredible!!! WOW… Great photos! Looking forward to my own sunday brunch today with make your own bloody mary’s and $3 Mimosas!

  13. Beautiful, “sensual” photos! Those buttermilk biscuits look awesome!

  14. gloria says:

    all look amazing!

  15. Each picture gave me a new favorite. These all looks so delicious. Sounds like a perfect weekend day.

  16. I would totally visit here – it’s my kind of restaurant and I already love this place! Thanks for taking BEAUTIFUL photos so we can almost enjoy it fully… 😉 It’s so hard to take pictures in restaurants (for me) and it’s amazing how you could take these gorgeous food pictures outside of your regular photo shoot setting at home.

  17. These photos have left me very hungry and desperately wishing I could go there right now. Straight onto my Must Visit list when I’m in California someday. Thanks, Lori Lynn ~ it’s wonderful to know about places like this.

  18. Oh ma gawd. Those bacon buttermilk biscuits look AMAZING. I must try making something like them sometime. Your review is fab. Hopefully, someday in the distant future, I’ll make it to Manhattan beach 😉

  19. Samantha says:

    My mouth is watering from these photos! We’ll have to visit this restaurant should we visit Manhattan Beach. Absolutely wonderful!

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