For Your Tea

Lemon? Milk? Sugar?
You may recall a blog post with lovely photos of an afternoon tea from last May? This is another photograph from that magical afternoon. I am submitting it (just under the wire) to the CLICK food photography event. August’s theme was CITRUS.
How do you take your tea?

19 thoughts on “For Your Tea”

  1. I love cream in my tea! If it's herbal, then lemon.

    Oh, I have missed you so much! I was thinking of you as school started a couple of weeks ago. I'm room "parent" for 2 classes & am helping out in my daughter's kinder class for a special need child. The little boy is going to be "tested" – makes me feel blessed to have my crazy children & also elevates my admiration for all those who dedicate their lives to education. Thank you, Lori Lynn, you're a saint.

    It looks like I have a lot to catch up on with you – all good. I can't wait. Big hugs & kisses from San Jose.

    xoxox Amy

  2. How could I forget that beautiful tea with the ocean view! Incredible! I like my tea with honey especially when I’m sick. Normally I’m a coffee girl, but I will make an exception,if I can have a view of the Pacific!!! 😀

  3. Oh, would you look at that tea set! I wish I could reach in…

    I take my Early Grey with a spot of milk usually, but with honey and lemon if I have a bad throat. Tea’s a weekly affair, but coffee is a daily one.

  4. I am a milk and sugar fan. Well actually it depends on the tea. I drink tea almost everyday. I love it. What a lovely tea pot.

  5. Love your lemon! It’s beautiful! I’m a total barbarian when it comes to tea – big mug, strong, milky, lots of sugar… 🙂

  6. Thank you everyone!

    That is so interesting to me to hear how you like your tea…a little window into knowing each of you a wee bit better I think. Thanks for sharing. Your comments continue to be a source of joy and inspiration.

  7. Good stuff! I travelled to Britain this summer and had some afternoon tea with a scone, and it was so delicious I thought I’d make my own last weekend. I might have broken a few rules though – I found a load of random scone recipes here and made 5 different kinds! My friends were so happy when I invited them round for tea and scones, complete with real whipped cream. Lots of fun!

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