Capelli d’Angelo with Everything Sauce

I love these little pasta nests. After cooking the capelli d’angelo in salted water for about 4 minutes, I use a big slotted spoon to gently place them in a pan with melted butter/olive oil garlic and parsley. Here they are topped with my “everything” pasta sauce. It is ground beef and Italian sausage with fennel seeds, red and green bell peppers, garlic, onions, and puttanesca ingredients; capers, black olives, anchovies in a tomato sauce with herbs.

An elegant little nest with big flavor. I serve them with freshly grated parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes on the side.

Thanks once again to Simona of Briciole blog for introducing me to capelli d’angelo.

Schnitzel à la Holstein

Octoberfest Menu continues…

Schnitzel à la Holstein – Baron Friedrich von Holstein (1837–1909), primary German diplomat after Otto von Bismarck, serving Kaiser Wilhelm II. The gourmet Holstein liked to have a variety of foods on one plate, and the original dish consisted of a veal cutlet topped by a fried egg, anchovy, capers, and parsley, and surrounded by small piles of caviar, crawfish tails, smoked salmon, mushrooms, and truffles. Contemporary versions tend to be pared down to the cutlet, egg, anchovies and capers. (from Wikipedia)
Oh my, I like the Baron’s original version! Caviar? Truffles?

Keep the veal warm while making the caper sauce and cooking the sunnyside up egg.
Caper Sauce: Deglaze pan with white wine, then add capers, parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice.