Stadium Food

At Yankee Stadium, they are serving this surprisingly great Premio Sweet Italian Sausage with Peppers & Onions. What makes it great? Everything in balance. The sausage has the right amount of fennel, the red bell peppers and onions cooked perfecly in the right proportions, and it is on the right bread, crusty and just chewy enough. Dahlicious!

2 thoughts on “Stadium Food”

  1. You’re killing me here! My god, that looks incredible. I’m a sucker for sausages of all kinds.

    Your photos are wonderful. Love vicariously visiting all of those fancy (and not so fancy) places.

  2. Hi Lisa – Thanks for visiting. If you have a hankering for more sausage photos, I made knockwurst and sauerkraut for lunch yesterday. See 7/28 post.

    I really enjoy your blog, especially hearing about the Champaign food scene. My most memorable college food was the “Gutbuster” from Garcia’s Pizza. Oh, and I worked as a waitress at the IHOP on Green Street when it first opened. Favorite dish back then: the Denver Omelette.

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