Lemony Salmon Crudo, Local Basil

Salmon Crudo, Local Lemon Basil Leaves, Italian Basil Oil

🐟 🌿 🍋 Lemony Salmon Crudo 🍋 🌿 🐟

Sashimi-Quality Sockeye Salmon
Local Lemon Basil Leaves, Italian Basil Oil
Lemon Emulsion, Red and Green Jalapeño
Lemon Slices, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

Lemon Basil has a distinct flavor profile that combines the aromatic notes of basil with a bright, citrusy twist. I was thrilled to find this herb as well as a super flavorful and aromatic Italian Basil grown right here in Las Vegas at a local urban indoor farm! Frontier Farms grows fresh Herbs & Greens & Edible Flowers without pesticides or herbicides in a controlled state-of-the-art growing environment.

With a basil-like anise flavor, lemon basil is often described as slightly sweet, herbaceous, and peppery. And as the name suggests, lemon basil has a pronounced lemony or citrusy aroma and taste. This lemony aspect adds a refreshing and zesty quality to the herb. Also detectable are minty undertones, which contribute to its complexity.

When it comes to pairing lemon basil with foods, it pairs well with a variety of dishes and ingredients, especially seafood. It can be used as a garnish to give sushi or sashimi a unique kick.

Sockeye salmon have a beautiful bright red flesh that is bold and intense and exquisite. Its dense, meaty texture facilitates the cutting of lovely raw thin slices. The leaner flesh of sockeye balances and harmonizes with rich citrusy olive oil emulsions. Lemon lovers will swoon over this sockeye salmon crudo recipe with 3 layers of lemon – lemon basil, lemon slices, and lemon emulsion.

Lemony Salmon Crudo Recipe

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Puerto Rican Swordfish Escabeche

Puerto Rican Swordfish Escabeche

Puerto Rican Swordfish Escabeche

As you navigate the coastal roads of Puerto Rico, you’re bound to discover a beloved local delicacy: Fish Escabeche, a delectable pickled and marinated fish dish savored throughout the island.

The unique twist on this dish involves grilling swordfish steaks, departing from the more common fried fish preparation. The result is a smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the tangy and tart vinegar used in the recipe.

The escabeche sauce relies on a combination of rice vinegar and honey, not only for preservation but also to introduce a delightful sweetness. Many locals prepare a batch of escabeche de pescado to enjoy during beach trips, embodying a quintessential Puerto Rican culinary experience.

Swordfish can be found in the waters surrounding Puerto Rico, especially in the deeper offshore areas of the Atlantic Ocean. Interestingly, swordfish are known to be more active at night, so many fishermen prefer to go fishing after dark. This involves setting up powerful lights on the boat’s surface to attract the fish to the surface.

Swordfish Escabeche Recipe

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Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

❤️ 🍔 Cheeseburger in Paradise 🍔 ❤️

A Big Warm Bun and a Huge Hunk of Meat
Medium Rare with Muenster’d be nice
Heaven on Earth with an Onion Slice
I like mine with Lettuce and Tomato
Heinz 57 and French-Fried Potatoes
Big Kosher Pickle and a Cold Draft Beer

I join Parrot Heads worldwide in mourning the loss of our beloved Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy’s passing has truly saddened me, as I’m sure it has for many of you. His music has held an extraordinary influence over our lives, instilling in us the courage to embark on incredible adventures, and crafting countless cherished memories.

Oddly enough, in the wake of this somber news, I found myself drawn to the kitchen to prepare and savor a straightforward yet comforting cheeseburger—a symbolic tribute to “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

How To Make A Cheeseburger in Paradise

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Milanesa de Cerdo con Calabacitas

Milanesa de Cerdo con CalabacitasMilanesa de Cerdo con Calabacitas

Pork Chops Milanese-Style with Zucchini Corn Hatch Chile Medley
Salsa Roja, Mexican Crema, Cotija Cheese, Cilantro

Milanesa and Calabacitas are paired to create a flavorful, colorful and satisfying dish that brings together the vibrant tastes of Latin American cuisine. It’s served over Salsa Roja, a taqueria style creamy-spicy sauce made from red jalapeño peppers that is swirled with cooling Mexican crema. As a final touch, the tang of Cotija cheese imparts robust and salty notes, where herby cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime make the dish sing.

Milanesa de Cerdo, also known simply as “Milanesa,” is an Argentine dish consisting of breaded and fried pork meat. Its crispy exterior and tender juicy interior make for a popular preparation that has been adopted in various Latin American countries.

Calabacitas is a traditional Mexican dish that highlights the natural goodness of zucchini and fresh corn. The name itself, “Calabacitas,” translates to “little squashes” in Spanish. The basic components include sliced zucchini, corn, and onions that are are sautéed together with garlic, chilies, cumin and oregano added to enhance the flavor profile.

Receta De
Milanesa de Cerdo con Calabacitas

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Crispy Skin Salmon, Spicy Coconut Curry

Salmon, Salsa Roja Coconut Curry

Crispy Skin Sockeye Salmon
Spicy Coconut Curry
Brown Basmati, Roasted Peanuts, Scallion, Cilantro

This piquant SALMON FUSION dish really packs in the flavors! It is an amalgamation of exotic Indian/ Thai/ Mexican elements featuring wild-caught sockeye from the pristine waters of Alaska, and then served on English dinnerware to boot! It’s a very tasty, almost effortless Global-Style dinner with a complex flavor profile and easy prep…

Crispy Skin Salmon, Spicy Coconut Curry Recipe

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