Turkey Matzo Ball Soup

Turkey Matzo Ball Soup

Turkey Soup with Poultry-Seasoned Matzo Balls
Egg Noodles, Peas, Carrots, Shredded Turkey

A blend of thyme, sage, black pepper, marjoram, rosemary and nutmeg – this traditional Thanksgiving seasoning adds a unique savory flavor to my Hanukkah matzoh balls.

When Hanukkah falls right after Thanksgiving on the calendar, a special opportunity arises. Here, we are merging the best flavors and recipes of both holidays…With this seasoning, the matzoh balls have a taste reminiscent of turkey!

Turkey Soup with Poultry-Seasoned Matzo Balls Recipe

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Alaska Sablefish, Two Ways

Alaska Sablefish

Alaska Sablefish, Two Ways

Crispy-Skin Sablefish, Spicy Garlic Mayonnaise
Sautéed Kale with Yukon Gold Potatoes

Alaska Sablefish with Miso

Broiled Miso Sablefish over Lemon Ponzu Olive Oil
Grated Daikon, Lemon, Chives

This glorious sablefish was caught by Alaskan Fishing Vessel F/V Alitak. A simple preparation with a minimum of ingredients lets the silky-rich texture and buttery flavor shine through.

Found only in the Northern Pacific Ocean, Sablefish aka Black Cod is relatively abundant and harvested with methods that cause little damage to habitat and other marine life. For both taste and sustainability, sablefish can’t be beat!

Pan-seared to achieve a crispy skin, or broiled to achieve a caramelized crust – each of these sablefish preparations are equally stellar.

Alaska Sablefish Recipes

Glacier Bay, Alaska
Glacier Bay, Alaska

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Virtual Cooking Class with Chicago Chef Paul Kahan

Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Paul Kahan

Roasted Sockeye Salmon with Pepita Pesto
Charred Radicchio with Balsamic Vinegar
Roasted Delicata Squash with Honey and Lemon

Sitka Salmon Shares, an Alaskan direct-to-consumer seafood company, paired with Chef Paul Kahan, the two-time James Beard Award winner behind popular Chicagoland restaurants avec, The Publican, and Big Star for a Virtual Cooking Class featuring their wild Alaska sockeye salmon.

Guests received a meal kit for two shipped to their door plus a code to cook virtually alongside Paul, and Culinary Director Perry Hendrix. The cost was $149 plus shipping. There was a generous amount of product in the shipment, enough to feed four, making this a delightful gourmet experience a very reasonable cost per person. And it was especially neat to spend time with one of Chicago’s great gregarious chefs in his own kitchen.

Cooking Class Recipes

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Loup de Mer, Beurre Blanc Grenade à la Le Bon Georges

Loup de Mer, Beurre Blanc Grenade, Poireaux et Carottes à la Le Bon Georges

Loup de Mer, Beurre Blanc Grenade
Poireaux et Carottes à la Le Bon Georges

She says, “One of my favorite meals ever in Paris @le_bon_georges.” And of the truite she exclaims, “It was so delicious!!!!”

My long time blogger friend, the fabulous Stacey, of Stacey Snacks travels to Paris every year with “Mr. Snacks” (her husband) and treats us all to dozens of images of Paris…and makes us painfully jealous with her food photos from their trips to the City of Light.

I fell in love with one photo in particular, the Trout with Pomegranate Beurre Blanc from the most charming classic Parisian bistro, Le Bon Georges. I just had to make the dish at home, but with no recipe and only a photograph to be my guide.

Trout was not readily available, but Loup de Mer was. Loup de mer is also known as Mediterranean Seabass or Branzino. Its character is delicate and unique. The meat is moist and buttery, flaky yet smooth, firm yet tender, silky and velvety. The skin is thin and delicious especially when sautéed to a crisp. The loup de mer fillets worked perfectly for my re-creation of the dish.

Truite au Le Bon Georges
Photo Credit: Stacey Snacks at Le Bon Georges, Paris,  from Facebook

I took a look at Le Bon Georges’ instagram account to get a broader feel for the restaurant in order to re-create the atmosphere. I was especially drawn to the beautiful image of Dubarry Cauliflower Cream Soup with Truffles and a glass of Champagne near a window.

Le Bon Georges
Photo Credit: Le Bon Georges, Paris, from Instagram

Loup de Mer, Beurre Blanc Grenade, Poireaux et Carottes à la Le Bon Georges

Loup de Mer, Beurre Blanc Grenade, Poireaux et Carottes Recette

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