Yankees 14, Angels 9 – Hebrew National 1/4 lb. Deli Dog Always a Winner!

Can it get much better than enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer, sitting behind home plate on a warm summer afternoon at Yankee Staduim?

The first of many fabulous food pics from New York City this weekend, please stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Yankees 14, Angels 9 – Hebrew National 1/4 lb. Deli Dog Always a Winner!”

  1. Wow—nice! Dog-wise, next week I’m going with a few friends to a new place in our little city called “Big Mouth’s,” which supposedly is serving good Chicago-style franks. We’ll see. Won’t be eating it behind home plate, though, sadly.

  2. Hi Lisa – Maybe you’ll have a pic on your blog, so I can Taste With My Eyes?

    I grew up in Chicago, and never lost the craving for a Chicago Style Hot Dog, which doesn’t exist in Southern California, so I always have one when I go back (even if it is just at O’Hare).

    Ate at Superdawg and Hot Doug’s last visit. Both fabulous!

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