The Classic BLT

Who doesn’t love a great sandwich? The Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich does not need updating, it just needs fabulous ingredients. There is a good reason it is a classic!
Toasted Ciabatta bread, Niman Ranch bacon cooked in a skillet (not a microwave), homemade or good quality mayonnaise, heirloom tomatoes with a little sea salt, and garden fresh mixed lettuces.
I didn’t have a pickle, so I served it with Caper Berries marinated in White Balsamic Vinegar. They’re delicious!

Do you have a classic dish that should not be messed with?
This post was inspired by Pim of chez pim, she says don’t mess with her Pad Thai.

7 thoughts on “The Classic BLT”

  1. Thanks for asking, Lori! Yes, I think that the legendary Brown Derby (Hollywood) Cobb Salad should not be messed with: lettuce (iceberg, chicory, watercress, and romaine); bacon; chicken breast; tomatoes; hard-boiled eggs; avocado; crumbled bleu cheese; chives and their special Cobb salad vinaigrette.

  2. You just reminded me how much I love BLTs. It’s a comfort food thing 🙂
    The only thing I don’t want people messing with is my Sunday sauce. One person tried to tell me that you can put the meatballs in the sauce raw and they finish cooking that way. NO NO NO! Don’t mess with my Sunday sauce please!

  3. FA – I totally agree! Leave the Cobb alone. What do you think about Salad Nicoise? That’s another one to leave be.
    Maryann- I’ll have to look up your Sunday sauce, but putting raw meatballs in the sauce just doesn’t sound right.
    Cynthia – The ciabatta was perfect to the tooth, I had to slice it on a huge angle to get a sandwich-sized slice. You are the expert on breads!

  4. Everyone: please visit Maryann’s blog “Finding La Dolce Vita” and discover Chicken Spitzod!
    It looks delicious and her post is wonderful!

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