7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pumpkin Patch!”

  1. wow! That’s a lot of pumkins. I see those Hubbards in front. It’s kinda nice to see all these things now that Fall is here.

  2. Wow…I have never seen so many pumpkins all in one go and we have quite a lot at the chateau Villandry every year, which I always thought was a lot!! Nice photo’s!

  3. That is a huge pumpkin patch!
    I miss “our” outings to buy the pumpkin at “Hometate Farm”, in Poolsville, Maryland, an hour outside Washington, DC.
    They also sold all kinds of guards, apples, homemade jams and apple butter. Grandfather Allnut prepared scrabble in pound sizes to take home and in his summer kitchen he cooked up big vats of his famous Italian minestrone.
    And the best was, you could buy big sized green tomatoes!

    My husband cooks our 25 lb organic turkey in the Weber kettle brestside down. We have developed a system to turn the bird for the last half hour, so it turns a beautiful dark golden color everywhere.

  4. These are the most amazing pictures Lorie! I had no idea pumpkins looked like that in the fields…
    Thank you and Thanks for your comment on the fires.

  5. Hi Maryann – I brought home a bunch of squash, different kinds. Now I have to figure out how to cook them.

    Hi Ronell and Marie- I have never seen a pumpkin patch like this either. i was driving to visit my mother in Santa Barbara and saw it from the freeway. I had to stop!

    Merisi – I am making minestrone today for a friend who is sick.
    And about flipping that turkey over, you guys are brave! I bet it tastes delicious.
    Another method I would never use is deep-frying, with two little dogs and two little nephews running around, I would be a nervous wreck with a vat of hot oil!

    Simona – thank you! Some things are just naturally photogenic, like pumpkins and eggs 🙂

    Hi Carol – can you believe how the pumpkins go all the way up the mountain? You can get a high-altitude pumpkin if you are in shape!

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