France has Macarons, Peru has Alfajores

Gourmet Peruvian Cookies.

These are Alfajores Finos. The little delectable morsels look somewhat like a macaron but have a completely different flavor.
Flour, butter, milk, sugar, salt. Ha! Five ingredients, unbelievably fantastic! The incredible soft, light texture melts in your mouth. These little cookies are filled with dulce de leche.
I get them from Mama Ocllo Bakery in San Pedro, California. You can too, they ship!

P.S. I’ve been away, in Chicago, spending time and cooking with my 3 and 5 year-old nephews. We made funny-face pizzas one afternoon. This is Jett’s creation.

I thought of Carol and her love of macarons at Paris Breakfasts blog when I created this post.

4 thoughts on “France has Macarons, Peru has Alfajores”

  1. dulce de leche! sounds yummy! Your nephews are very creative! Hope you had a nice time in Chicago! They say we might have some flurries tonight!(yuk)

  2. Hi Simona – the boys had such a great time making pizza. I cut up all the toppings ahead of time. I made lips out of bologna, but Jett had his own idea how they would go…bell pepper was good for the face, but they did not want to eat it. Green pepper = Yuck!

    Hi Marie – I always love coming back to Chicago!

    Cynthia – I am not a cookie lover, but these are an exceptional little treat!

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