Grilled Cheddar & Tomato

It’s raining in Southern California today. Hooray!

We are in the midst of a drought so this is really good news for everyone except my dogs, they don’t like rain (probably because it is so foreign to them). Hopefully it won’t cause any mudslides or flash floods in the wildfire areas.

How about a hot gooey grilled cheese & tomato sandwich for lunch on a rainy day?

5 thoughts on “Grilled Cheddar & Tomato”

  1. Sounds good! I am glad you are having some rain. Up here it is clear but has been freezing every night for the past few days and my plants don’t like it at all, like your dogs don’t like the rain (can’t blame them).

  2. I’m glad to see “One Eye” and “The Mrs.” on your blog. It reminds me of a picture you once sent me of Mrs. Cooper in a field of wild mustard. It was entitled “hot dog and mustard”. Good luck in your “First Thursday” show!

  3. Hi FA – it took a while, but they finally made their appearance on the blog!

    Hi Sandi – that sounds really good too. Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Simona and Marie – looks like we are in for more rain this weekend too. Good for LA, bad for pooches, Mally and Wilson.

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