Mascarpone Sorbet

There are some fabulous recipes for Mascarpone Sorbet out there, Thomas Keller’s comes to mind. This is not that. You don’t need an ice cream maker or any special skills for that matter. Just for fun, you might want to check out this post on his recipe.

Then compare this one: Soften a pint of lemon sorbet on the counter. Put that in a food processor with 6 oz. of mascarpone cheese. Blend. Spoon into pretty serving cups or ramekins and refreeze. Defrost slightly before serving for optimum complex, creamy, tangy flavor.
Can you envision endless possibilities for a garnish? Strawberry slices, mint leaves, lemon wheel, maraschino cherry, a dollop of chutney, candied flower petals…Keller serves his with rhubarb confit and candied fennel.
My recipe technique is so embarrassingly simple, that I am reluctant to share it with my guests. But I’m happy share it with you.

20 thoughts on “Mascarpone Sorbet”

  1. Wow! Too easy to confess to guests. You are absolutely right. Mind you, I never lie, but I often omit certain details. It’s probably best to just smile sweetly and say thank you. Have you tried it with, say, raspberry sorbet? I just might do that today. You are my hero.

  2. What a wonderful idea for a summer evening get refreshing! Thank you for sharing this with us.. I love to know knew ways to use mascarpone! 🙂

    This is simply gorgeous
    And lemony too…sigh
    Such a beautiful shot too..I’m salivating

  4. I’m so glad you shared this Lori Lynn, what an elegant dessert for a nice summers evening on the patio! Thanks

  5. Hi Peter – heavenly, yes!

    Hi Anon – your hero? Wow! Let me know how he raspberry sorbet goes. I was thinking coconut sorbet would be interesting too like a coco-cream, and orange, to taste like a creamsicle, ooh so many to try!

    Hi Laurie – and good timing on this post, as it was 95 degrees at my home in SoCal, how ’bout yours?

    Hi Maryann – interested to hear how you like it. Let me know.

    Hi Carol – thank you, the combination of the two ingredients made something that is nothing like the two alone. I hope you try it.

  6. Hi Marie – I hope you enjoy it on your up coming hot Chicago summer evenings…

    Hi Linda – Welcome!

    Hi RecipeGirl – Happy to share 🙂

    Pinknest – somehow I’m not surprised. Be my guest!

  7. this is fantastic lori. thank you!!! i made mine with crystallized rose petals and raspberries+blackberries with rose water and mint. just awesome.

  8. Oh my…. just took a little tour of your blog. Your work with florals is just stunning! Your artistry and passion come through in all of your meals. Beautiful!

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