Passover Dishes Round-Up

Piece of Asch’s photo of Homemade Matzoh Ball Soup. He writes, “This was my favorite course at last night’s Passover dinner with friends.”

Bob’s idea to grill the chicken made this dish superb: Grilled Chicken, Apricots and Meyer Lemon Slices. Orange Honey Ginger Glaze is poured over the chicken and it is reheated during the Seder.

My Roasted Potatoes with Thyme, Parsley and Meyer Lemon Zest. Potatoes are roasted with olive oil salt and pepper then the herb mixture is tossed with the potatoes when they are warm from the oven.

Here is the Famous Tomato Onion Brisket.

It was slow cooked for 8 hours then chilled overnight. In this photo the cold brisket is sliced against the grain and is ready to reheat for the Seder.

Two six pound briskets!

Fat side up, caramelize under the broiler.

Smother with onion and sauce.

For the complete recipe, go here.

Stone’s Vegetable Kabobs.
Stone’s Kabobs were grilled simply with olive oil salt and pepper.

Giz from Equal Opportunity Kitchen made Matzoh Crunchies. She writes, “Matzoh crunchies are so easy to make, and even easier to eat and you’d never know it was made of matzoh.” She gives detailed a step by step tutorial, then “put into the fridge to cool and harden (about 10 minutes) and then break into pieces. You have matzoh brittle!”

Val made Passover Hazelnut Trifle: Passover Sponge Cake, Coffee, Coffee Liqueur, Coco Hazelnut Spread, Toasted Hazelnuts, Whipped Cream

Until next year…

13 thoughts on “Passover Dishes Round-Up”

  1. Lori Lynn,

    This Passover spread is great and you’re doing alot to diffuse the notion of Jewish food being boring…au contraire!

  2. Congratulations, Lori Lynn, on your Passover Roundup. I hope that it turns in to an annual event. Too bad Easter came so early for us “Gentiles” or I would have submitted an entry of our Holy Thursday tradition which is, in fact, Jesus’ Passover observance.

  3. Lori Lynn, everything looks so yummy! I regret that I didn’t organize myself well enough to participate. Your brisket is amazing – I love anything that is slow-cooked. And, Stone is adorable!

    xoxox Amy

  4. Good job on the roundup Lori Lynn! Now I’m craving chicken soup. I’d also love some of that chicken but am having a very difficult time finding Meyer Lemons. The brisket looks delicious too. But, I think my motive for eating brisket is mostly for an excuse to eat horseradish.

  5. There isn’t a single thing in this roundup that I would hesitate to make and make again. You had enough brisket to feed a mission!!! I’m definitely trying that recipe – I’ve never done brisket with tomato sauce and it looks fantastic. Great job and thank you for hosting this event.

    Next year in Jerusalem!!!

  6. Thanks Peter – Jewish food is fun and delicious! Some people have a difficult time with what is not allowed on Passover, you just have to be more creative. We have a great time cooking our Passover dinner and it is DIFFERENT FROM ALL OTHER NIGHTS OF THE YEAR!

  7. Father Adam – One of these years, sooner rather than later I hope, when Passover and Easter are not too close on the calendar, you will be our honored guest at the Seder in Chicago!

    And with your dexterity in the kitchen you can help me cook as well!!!

    In the meantime, please share a Holy Thursday dish!

  8. Hi Amy – thanks 🙂 Stone (5 years old) has been helping his Aunt GeeGee (me) cook since he was two. Makes a mean Panko Crusted Dover Sole as well, which he likes to serve with ketchup.

  9. Hello Psychgrad and Giz!

    Meyer lemons are great but feel free to substitute a combination of lemons and oranges.

    Now I hope Giz makes this brisket. You don’t have to wait for a Jewish holiday…If you can believe it there were no leftovers. I have to make three 6 pounders next year. We MUST HAVE brisket for breakfast to go with the leftover gefilte fish. Oy Vey!

    Thank you so much for your nice comments and participation.

    Next Year in Jerusalem!

  10. Lori Lynn, What a beautiful feast, the brisket is quite amazing. No leftovers tells me just how good it must have been!!

  11. Hi Simona – every year I change the potato dish, but I’m keeping this one for next year too. Really like it!

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