Eleven Madison Park, New York

Set in a magnificent art deco dining room with soaring ceilings and lush views of historic Madison Square Park, Eleven Madison Park is an elegant restaurant serving Swiss-born Chef Daniel Humm’s modern, pure and market-driven French cuisine.
We just returned from a trip to New York for an extraordinary whirlwind dining weekend. One of the many highlights was Eleven Madison Park restaurant. The ambiance is breathtaking, the food heavenly with a modern approach to classic French flavor combinations, and the service impeccable, professional, and gracious.
Here is a sampler of a few of the fabulous dishes:

Green Market Asparagus
Lynnhaven Chèvre Frais, Soft Boiled Quail Eggs and Nasturtium

Nova Scotia Lobster
Poached with Garden Peas, Oregon Morels and Mint

Grimaud Farms Muscovy Duck
Glazed with Lavender Honey and Spices (for two)

After the Duck is presented to the Table, it is taken back to the kitchen and plated with the breast meat and leg served in two completely different manners.
Chef Humm was quoted, “I want guests to experience delicious and pure flavors, textures and ingredients. But, most importantly, I want them to enjoy their entire meal here and leave with wonderful memories and hopes of returning soon. “

Sure did. See you soon, Chef!

10 thoughts on “Eleven Madison Park, New York”

  1. What an experience! I’m happy to hear that you had a great (quick) trip to the Big Apple. I miss living there so much mainly for the restaurants if nothing else…. Although there are a thousand reason to love NY. Thank you for the review – I’ll send one of my friends over there to try it for me.

    xoxox Amy

  2. What a beautiful array of flavors.. I love nasturtium..it brings back such wonderful memories of my grandfathers gardens!

  3. The pesentation of the duck is gorgeous, love the lavender. Sounds like a wonderfully satisfing trip!

  4. What a treat!
    There is nothing like a meal that is done with such flair.
    La dolce vita!!

    I’ve posted our centerpieces for May. Thanks for joining in.
    Now, what’s on your table for June??

  5. Great restaurant… we had a lovely meal there during the winter and especially loved a little amuse of sweetbread wrapped in a wonton and shaped like a tiny carrot. So glad you got to try the place!

  6. Hi Amy – your friends will not be disappointed.

    HI Recipegirl – it sure was! More to come.

    Hi Laurie – I haven’t used nasturtium, but I plan to. Looks so pretty on the plate, too.

    HI Marie – best duck we ever had.

    HI Sandi – looking forward to it.

    Hi Ann – oh that sounds great, we liked the little amuse of lamb in phyllo.

    Maryann – my pleasure 🙂

  7. I just had the pleasure of eating here last week, and it was truly a great meal.

    I saw the duck you had being served – didn't get it myself since I had the tasting menu – but it sure looked good. Maybe next time …

    Happy TG!

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