Coffee & Conversation

This photograph entitled Coffee & Conversation is my submission to CLICK, a theme-based monthly food photography event. The theme this month is “coffee and tea.”
What is the nature of this conversation?
  • Is it serious or light-hearted?
  • Micro or macro?
  • Is it about food?
  • About putting the camera away already?
  • All of the above?

7 thoughts on “Coffee & Conversation”

  1. Hi Laurie – yes, aren’t they nice? Sometimes (not always for me, I also like color and pattern) white dinnerware is just right.

    Hi Marie – he is my dear friend of over a quarter century.

    Oh Great Maryann! I was hoping so…

    Hi Bee – thanks for the opportunity to share it.

    Hi Simona – thank you. Me too.

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