Panettone French Toast & Bacon


Are you one of the millions of fortunate recipients of the wonderful tall leavened fruitcakes of Milan this Christmas?

Panettone has been made for hundreds of years using live sourdough mother yeast. A combination of old baking art with butter, raisins, citrus rinds and durum wheat in a 50 hour process produces a rich, moist, fresh Italian cake.

Fr. Adam reminded me that a restaurant company we worked for in the 1980’s gave us Panettone for Christmas every year. So he brought one for us here this year. Thanks for the memory and the delicious cake, Fr. A.

I sliced a thick cross-section of the cake. Soaked it thoroughly in two eggs beaten with cream and a pinch of salt. Then cooked it over medium low heat in butter until golden brown on both sides.

Dusted with powdered sugar!

We are fans of good thick bacon from the butcher shop.

You might want to serve it with maple syrup or mascarpone cheese. It was so moist and sweet, we were satisfied with the dusting of sugar and bacon. This cross-section of the Panettone can serve three or four people. Add a cup of hot coffee and enjoy a delicious Holiday Breakfast!

And here’s a Holiday Centerpiece to go with the Holiday Breakfast. A circle of nine 15 inch tall angel vases with stargazer lilies that I am sending over to Sandi at the Whistlestop Cafe for her lovely Centerpiece of the Month event. December will be an awesome month for her centerpiece displays.

Sending Holiday Blessings Your Way…

36 thoughts on “Panettone French Toast & Bacon”

  1. Lori, Stacey, Marie.
    All doing the same post.
    What are the chances????
    but you, added bacon! you had to be different!
    Happy Merry!

  2. Hi LL, you are very welcome. What a great use of the Pannetone. I will definitely try this recipe. And I’m glad to see the return of that awesome bacon. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever tasted… Awesome pictures, as usual. I especially like the angels and falling snow of powdered sugar! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. FA

  3. Holiday blessings to you Lori, that toast has my mouth watering. Your centerpiece is simple and elegant, just the right touch.

  4. You even cut it the same way!! How funny! OOOh, but that bacon is such a nice touch! Love the photo of the dusting of the powdered sugar!

  5. Panettone looks fabulous! I love the bacon addition (we also love the thick cut from the butcher!)… and that powdered sugar photo is fab.

    Merry Christmas to you! And a very happy 2009!

  6. Hope you have wonderful holidays , & the new year is filled with joy, warmth & happiness for you & your family!! Much love…

  7. I love the angel vases! A interesting combination of flavors: panettone and crisp bacon. One of these days I should tell you about my panettone diet.

  8. Oh come on now! Do you know how much I want this French toast? You’re making me drool.

    I almost made panettone bread pudding for Christmas, but opted not to. Panettone was expensive at the place where I found it.

  9. Are you one of the millions of fortunate recipients of the wonderful tall leavened fruitcakes of Milan this Christmas? – no 🙁

    Happy New Year!

  10. French toast pannetone topped with thick sliced bacon, I’m in heaven!!:D

    And I love the angel vases.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  11. This looks amazing even tho I don’t eat bacon! Nice job! There’s a resto in atlanta that makes an incredible french toast that is served with raspberry sauce and a creme freche. “wow” is all i said when i first had it! Hope you had a great holiday and that your New Year will be awesome as well!

  12. I love panettone french toast and I can imagine the added touch of the bacon just send this one over the top! Gorgeous photos as well!

  13. i tried this today, but 1) i soaked it in eggnog and 2) there was no bacon kicking around. although it wasn’t nearly eggy enough, the taste was super! this is a great way to use up leftover panettone, which i find too dry even when it’s new! thanks for the idea!

  14. 3 of my favorites – all together. I bought a very little panettone (& it was still moist & very tasty) since I tend to eat the whole thing in two – OK, OK – in one day.
    Lori Lynn, wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year! Tash

  15. You sure know how to eat well. I’ve always found panetonne a bit dry, but the french toast method looks absolutely mouth watering.

  16. Blessings, indeed, Lori. Thank you for this and all your beautiful posts of 2008.

    The VERY Happiest New Year!

    Warmest Regards,


  17. What a great way to use panattone! I would get up early for a breakfast like that! Happy New Year!

  18. YUMMY, salty bacon! Plus I love pannetone, pannetone french toast, best of both worlds. Happy New Year

  19. You and Marie with the panettone French toast! 😉 As I commented to her — why have I never thought of doing this?? Looks gorgeous, and so does your centerpiece.

    Have a wonderful 2009, Lori Lynn!

  20. I’m loving this Panetone french toast (sweet) and the bacon on top (salty)…my goodness. Every time I see lillies, I’m reminded of a catastrophe I had when I was a young wedding florist… but that’s a whole other conversation and a full bottle of wine.

  21. OMG, Lori, this is fabulous! Now, I see what you meant by being on the same page. This is pure decadence.

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