Shrimp with Risotto and Corn – Fast!

When there are presents to wrap and cookies to bake it’s nice to have a meal that takes only a few minutes of active cooking time and the ingredients are already on hand in the pantry and the freezer.

Box. Bag. Can.
Box of Cheese Risotto – just add water, white wine, a tablespoon of butter
Bag of Frozen Shrimp – cleaned, uncooked, tail-on
Can of Corn – drained

Add water, wine, butter, and risotto mix to pot.
Bring to boil, lower heat, stir occasionally.

When the rice is almost cooked, pour in lots of frozen shrimp, right from the bag.

When the shrimp are pink and the risotto is al dente add corn and heat through. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with scallions.

“The feast of the seven fishes is a tradition that Italians follow every Christmas Eve. La Vigilia or the vigil is kept with the custom of dining on 7 fish dishes as we await the birth of the savior at midnight,” writes Maryann. She and Joe are hosting this fabulous Seven Fishes Feast event. I thought they might enjoy a quick yet very tasty dish to add to their bountiful buffet, so I am sending this shrimp over their way, along with wishes for a dazzling Christmas!

A funny thing happens when one totes the camera around, ready to take a photograph of the next tasty morsel…the eye starts to notice other than food-related photo opportunities, a serendipity of a food blog indeed! I am grateful for the chance to capture some images of my surroundings and to be able to share a glimpse of the beauty of Southern California with you.

Sunset over the Port of Long Beach

at Bluff Park, Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, California

19 thoughts on “Shrimp with Risotto and Corn – Fast!”

  1. I need to buy that box of risotto because I totally failed on my last one. *Sigh*

    Love the photos of Long Beach – and yes, definitely the benefit of being a blogger and always having your camera with you. The sunsets have been beautiful lately, on the clear days. And the mountains are beeeauuutiful today with the white peaks, even here in OC. Amazing.

  2. Hi Melissa- I woke up this morning excited to see the snow capped mountains! You can get this risotto at Vons/Safeway, I recommend it highly! Let me know if you make it. OK?

    Hi Maryann – thanks for inviting me!

    Hey That Girl – only a couple minutes, open a box, a can, add water, stir, that easy. Oh yea, you gotta slice some scallions too. Add 30 seconds.

    Hi Darius – sometimes it is the way to go!

    Hi Joe – thanks for including me, happy to get to know you and your neat blog.

    Hi Foodbin – thank you. Can’t take credit for the sunset though…

    Hi Geoff – artist?

  3. I used to do this risotto with fresh shrimps, so good!!
    Lynn, are you interested in brazilian recipes?
    Let me know.
    Have a nice week!

  4. Lori Lynn, it’s just that I’m constantly awed by the sublimity of your work– “box, bag, can” was (for me) an unexpected twist! Kinda like looking for the fastball but getting the change-up, to use a baseball term. I loved it!

  5. One can never have too many quick dinner recipes! i might even have it for breakfast, if I don’t break any laws that is :D.
    Gorgeous photos, I’m glad you shared them with us!

  6. You’re amazing, as usual LL! I love quick meals and with your reccomendation on the risotto I will search it out!

  7. That looks beautiful @ Bluff Park ~ I know exactly where that is as I spent some summers in Long Beach during my last years of art school back when…. Go back every so often as my family has place there still. Thanks for sharing the sunset over the Pacific as I surely have been missing that on the east coast 😉

  8. Hi Sophie – thank you!

    Hi Paula – I am interested in all recipes, Brazilian included!

    Hi Pam – this is the Safeway/Vons brand and believe it or not, it is really good! Of course it does not take the place of homemade, but it is a really good fast substitute. Their shiitake risotto is excellent as well.

    Thanks Geoff – cool! I am really glad you enjoy it.

    Ha Lore! I did have it for breakfast the next day, YAY for leftovers!

    HI Marie – I am not sure what supermarket chain carries Safeway brand in Chicago??

    Hi Taste Memory – did you go to CSULB? My friend got her MFA there about 15 years ago.

    Hi Charles – I use a light box for many of the photos. You can email me if you have more questions. Thanks for your compliment.

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