Mexican Lime Tart

Mexican Lime Tart
One Local Ingredient: Lime

Citrus aurantifolia Swingle
English – Mexican lime, key lime, West Indian lime
Spanish – lima ácida, lima chica, limón chiquito
French – limette, limettier acide
German – limett
Italian – limetta
Dutch – lemmetje, limmetje
East Africa – ndimu
Philippines – dalayap, dayap
Malaya – limau asam
India – nimbu, limbu, nebu, lebu or limun
Brazil – limao galego, lintao miudo
Egypt and the Sudan – limûn baladi
Morocco – doc
Do you know another?
Crust – graham cracker crumbs, sugar, butter
Filling – Mexican lime juice and zest, sweetened condensed milk, eggs
Garnish – powdered sugar, Mexican limes and leaves, whipped cream

The blossoms are very fragrant and the leaves make a pretty garnish. The fruit is mature when it turns yellow or at least greenish-yellow. The time from bloom to edible fruit is about 3 months.

The Mexican Lime Tree
So here is the little guy today, planted in October 2008. I’ve had an endless supply of limes from the beginning. One thing I’m not happy about: this tree has very sharp thorns. Picking the fruit can be dangerous. I found out in my research that there is a thornless variety. Too. Late.

It is an ever bearing tree in this climate which makes my brother, Bill, happy. When he stops by there is always an organic lime on hand for his Corona. And plenty of limes with which to make Margaritas and Pisco Sours! If you are inspired to make a similar tart or pie, the Internet is awash in key lime pie recipes using the simple ingredients listed above.
My longtime blogger friend Simona of Briciole blog is hosting Fresh Produce of the Month and February’s produce was citrus. I am speeding this tart over to her in hopes she can include it in the round-up. Simona, this limes for you!

43 thoughts on “Mexican Lime Tart”

  1. Sounds divine! I have so many citrus trees in the backyard, but not this type of lime. I think I have to go to nursery and go get one. It’ll be nice to have lime
    tree, because I also like to use them in my cooking.

    Tart look really delicious.

  2. This looks amazing Lori Lynn, and I too need to buy my own lime tree now!

    I love your blog so much!

    xxx lori

  3. A lime tree with thorns? I had no idea. I can imagine how that makes picking fruit less than ideal. Thank you so much for the incredible pie. I love all your photos: it’s like I can smell the citrus tang and then the sweetness.

  4. What stunning pictures! I have a theory that limes make everything taste better, and I can only imagine how amazing this tart is!

  5. Just stunning Lori…what a gorgeous tart. the pictures are beautiful too. I have a lime tree at home, but the silly thing doesn’t want to flower!!

  6. You lucky girl Lori Lynn to have such fresh pickens’ I will have to research this further. The landscape in my new house is barren. Oh how I hope the thornless variety:) will grow here. My lips are puckering at the the thought of your delectable tart.

    Thanks for sharing…

  7. I’m feeling really, really jealous right now. I miss the lemon and avocado trees I had in my yard when we lived in San Diego. I’m at the mercy of my grocer here.

    Beautiful photos!

  8. What a gorgeous tart! I have just recently acquired a lime tree that looks to be producing already. No idea what type… but I didn’t even think about the advantage in having it for Mexican beer! Perfect!

  9. That tart is positively gorgeous! And I admit to being envious of your lime tree, thorns and all 🙂

  10. How amazing would it be to have my very own lime tree. Of course it would be beyond dead in this climate. But, I can always dream.

  11. My mouth is just watering thinking about this! I’m going to search your blog. I want to do something yummy with my Meyer’s Lemons that are on my tree. I will try this though, but I have to buy the limes. 🙂 Yum!

  12. Gorgeous tart! I love lime desserts. I wish we could grow lime trees up here in the frozen tundra of Northeastern Ohio.

  13. No chance of a lime tree here in Chicagoland:( It amazes me all the fruit you have from that tiny tree.
    Your tart is excusite looking, and if you don’t mind, I would like to move in as well!!

  14. This post is an example of how it just takes the right pic to motivate you to try something. I have been seeing and hearing on FN about so many lime tarts but now, having seen yours, I am encouraged to give it a try. Thank you.

  15. LOVE your pictures. Lucky you to have such a gem of a lime tree. I bet this was just delicious!!

  16. Wow what a lovely lovely key lime tart and I love the use of sweetened condensed milk. Beautiful photos of the blossoms and fruits…I’m tempted to get a potted tree but then my house will be filled with potted citrus trees during winter.:)

  17. Mmmmm, with the warmer time of year approaching I am going to start wanting some of these!

  18. That is DIVINE… could I please have a margarita with that!
    It looks soooo pretty and quite FASHIONABLE!!!
    ENJOY your day!

  19. What a gem of a tart. We have loads of citrus here, but limes are not common and I miss them now and then. How nice to have a tree in the yard.

  20. Marvelous looking tart – I love lime anything. You make me want to hop on an airplane!

    Your very own lime tree,
    oh yes, that’s the way to go!

  21. Wow, I have a little pocket balcony so I’m always envious of anyone with a garden. Love the lime tree! In Malaysia, we also have limau manis (sweet lime), limau nipis (literally, thin lime) and limau kasturi (uhm, it’s an odd looking one with a rough kin). Great post!

  22. These look so wonderful! Thank you, and thank you also for sharing all the translations of ‘lime’!! Really interesting.

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