Calling All Bean Aficionados!

My Legume Love Affair 11th Helping is officially underway! It is my honor and pleasure to be your hostess for this month’s edition of the wildly successful event created by Susan, The Well-Seasoned Cook. I hope you will join us by sharing your awesome legume-centric dish this month. The event round-up will be posted the first week of June. So, come one, come all, show us what you bean cooking!
Join In the Fun!
  • Create a dish where the LEGUME (beans, lentils, pulses, and/or the edible pods that contain these seeds, and derivative products like tofu) is the STAR ingredient.
  • Post this dish on your blog during the month of May. Link to this announcement and to Susan’s MLLA Host Line-up. Feel free to use the MLLA 11 Badge.
  • Email your name, name of your blog, the link to your legume dish, your location, description of your dish, and a photo (350 pixels wide) OR recipe, to tastewiththeeyes AT cox DOT net by May 31st. If you like, please include one or two sentences describing the inspiration for your entry.
Let’s Get This Party Started!
Here are links to some previous Taste With The Eyes legume dishes:

Fagioli al Caviale

Anasazi “baked potato” Beans

Cilantro-Scented Navy Bean Mash, Smoked Trout

Cannellini Asian Slaw, Miso Sesame Dressing

Black Calypsos and Epazote

Mélange de Haricots, Parmesan Sage Breadcrumbs

Yellow Eye Beans With Garlicky Salsa Verde, Cotija Cheese

Grilled Swordfish, Lentils with Truffle Oil

White Miso Soup, Tofu, Edamame, Nori Heart

Poached Egg, Lentils, and Béarnaise

Heart Healthy Wild Salmon, Cannellini Bean Basil Broth
Eleventh Helping
Legume Lover’s Prize

As a special treat to one of the participants, Susan will be giving away this darling cookbook: A World of Dumplings: Filled Dumplings, Pockets, and Little Pies from Around the Globe by Brian Yarvin.

We are more than happy to accept multiple recipes for this event, however only one will be included in the random drawing for A World of Dumplings.
To my non-food-blogging readers, we encourage your participation too! It is your opportunity to share your delicious cooking but more than that, it is our unique opportunity to sample your creativity! What do you say?
Leah? Lauren? Gail? Allison? Kirk? Sally? Lori ann? Abby? Tash? Juliet? Kelly? Merisi? Carol? Liz? Father Adam? Tori? Tom? Gary? Vicki? Charlotte? Molly? Heather? Deanna? Val? Bob? Noramae? Pat? Gina? Peggy? Davida? Susan? Judi? Judy? Sandy? Alex? Anyone else?
We look forward to virtually savoring all your marvelous legume creations!
Lori Lynn

22 thoughts on “Calling All Bean Aficionados!”

  1. I have a legume craft. We did it with the Girl Scouts and I plan on posting it soon. I’ll link it to you as soon as I get it up. Oh yes, and Dr. Oz wants us eating those beans! Great fiber content, excellent for the body! 🙂 Happy May Day!

  2. I never met a bean I didn’t love, I will try to create a dish this month … your pics have me drooling!

  3. Not only is my mouth watering over all of these delectable bean dishes, but over your recipes and photos, as well. I’m so glad I found you! The Pumpkin Crusted Goat Cheese.. the gorgeous wedding.. and your love affair with CHEESE! Your blog has made my evening. You probably hear this all of the time, but your blog is wonderful! Keep up the inspirational work- I’ll be back to visit.

  4. I’m in legume heaven here! I’ll have to see if I can come up with something this month. BTW, you have such a sweet brother…Can I borrow him??

  5. Well, I must take part in this!
    Pasulj (pinto beans with hamhocks) was always a favorite of mine & I've been craving it lately. Since I hardly cook it will be good to do this. Will keep you posted.

  6. LOL! I agree with above. I want to lick the monitor, too.

    Very cool you’ll be hosting this month.


  7. Okay, I know for sure I already have the dish and pic taken for this round of the event. I did it for the previous edition but it did not qualify as an appetizer or dessert.

  8. I’m glad to see this announcement. I’ll participate! Have a great time in Paris. Take tons and tons and tons of pictures! I can’t wait to see them!

  9. Heehee, I don’t think i’d be brave enough for that Lori Lynn! you are the cook enough for both of us, would you look at these gorgeous dishes you’ve just shown! oh man, how could I still be hungry when I just ate. I love coming here.

  10. Wow, everything looks fantastic. I’m trying to get more legumes into my diet, so I really appreciate these ideas!

  11. Wow!! What a wonderful collection.. I am not sure which would tempt me first.. 🙂 I love beans but I think cannellini are my favorite.. well maybe lentils.. of course black eyed peas get me too. Oh my gosh.. you could create a restaurant called “Legume” and it would probably be a hit.. especially with all your delicious recipes!

  12. i think i just might join in for this event this month! i love beans and have all sorts for recipes!

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