Rue Mouffetard

We met George and Patricia for a tour of one of the oldest streets in Paris, the bustling and colorful Rue Mouffetard. It is the remnant of an old Roman road with structures dating back hundreds of years. The narrow cobblestone street functions pretty much the way it has for centuries in a neighborhood where people come to shop, eat, meet, and socialize.
The market is open every day except Monday. I will freely admit that I am jealous of the life of my gracious Parisienne friend, Patricia. In my fantasy I come here every morning (excepté lundi) to peruse la viande, les fruits de mer, les fruits, les légumes, le pain et les fromages, then choose what looks freshest and suits my mood and the weather.
I pick up une bouteille de vin (ou de deux) to accompany my treasure, then go home to my apartment château to cook for family and friends and fellow bloggers who happen to be visiting Paris. Including YOU I hope!
Mollusques et Crustacés

Peg, Kristy and Susan

Look at the little pooch under the woman’s chair bottom left.



There are several varieties of strawberries.


Mara des Bois


Coeur de Boeuf

Don and his favorite, The Foie Gras Market!
La Contrescarpe

Kristy and Peg

Merci beaucoup to our friends in Paris, George and Patricia, for the camaraderie and wonderful experience of La Mouffe! I hope the two of you will visit Los Angeles soon, so I can return the warm hospitality.

À bientôt!

17 thoughts on “Rue Mouffetard”

  1. Dear Lori Lynn,

    How fabulous! I loved seeing all your gorgeous photos and hearing about your wonderful time in Paris.
    Great post!

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I love markets with their misshapen, juicy vegetables and fresh seafood! Hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

  3. seems like a great visit to Paree!!! THere's a very similar street I like shopping on as well over there. It's an open market filled with great finds! Cheese, vin, dry cleaners, crepes, vintage boutique, hazelnuts, chocolate stands, pastry vendors, etc… it's just so great. I need to post about my trip to Monaco back in April… glad you had a nice time.

  4. I think the foie gras market would be my favorite too. Looks like a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ah yes you do capture very well the marche! And how nice to see it with Parisiens-the best way really.
    I raced through and missed much now I see..
    Merci encore Lori

  6. Fabulous! 🙂

    Imagine, you in Paris, in a château, would soon be overrun by all of us clamoring to have a meal with you: You'd have to hire a chef pretty soon, a pâtissier too. Soon you'd be dreaming of your more manageable life back there in California! 😉

  7. Merci pour ces jolies photos Lori Lynn! There's something about old Paris streets, people there don't have the sense of rush and that by itself makes it a great relaxing place.
    Lol, that little pooch was en garde, just in case the big dog would change its peaceful intentions 🙂

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