Foodbuzz Blogger Festival

1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival 
San Francisco
“We blog, we eat, we cook, we drink. So when Foodbuzz sat down to cook up our first weekend blogger event, we decided to host a festival of networking and collaborating the way foodies do things: over good meals and in good company! You’ll be hands on tasting, eating, drinking, networking and learning all weekend. Meet amazing foodie friends, and return home with awesome experiences to blog about.”
To those of you who will be in San Francisco this weekend, I am definitely looking forward to meeting you! We are going to have a blast. I am very excited that my dear friend and great cook, Father Adam will be there too! And to everyone else, I look forward to sharing our experiences when we return. Have a great weekend!
Lori Lynn

18 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Blogger Festival”

  1. Big hug!!! It was so great to meet you and Father Adam. What a kick and the food has been out of control delicious.

  2. LL,
    I wish I would've gone, I was worried about being alone out in San Fran and not knowing a soul, then I read you are going!

  3. Love your FoodBuzz logo/poster!!! they should of use that instead of the I*heart* bla bla bla… ur fork approach is super creative!

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