French Black Winter Truffle GIVEAWAY!

Gorgonzola with Truffle Honey
The wonderful folks at Gourmet Attitude have generously offered Taste With The Eyes the opportunity to host a GIVEAWAY of one French Black Winter Truffle! Merci Beaucoup! It is intensely fragrant and the most cherished of them all, the Queen of French Truffles, Tuber melanosporum, also known as the Périgord Truffle.
Regrettably I don’t happen to have a “fresh black diamond from the earth” on hand today to prepare for this GIVEAWAY, but the next best thing is truffle infused products, like their sensual truffle honey which we paired with gorgonzola and toasted ciabatta, and Champagne!

Céline Labaune’s Gourmet Attitude in Manhattan imports the highest quality fresh truffles. She recently launched a line of truffle delicacies called “la BOUTIQUE de la truffe” which includes Truffle Carpaccio, Truffle Honey, and White Truffle Cream. We paired their Truffle Honey with panko-crusted chicken and grilled apples awhile back, it was truffle heaven! You can shop for fresh truffles, truffle products, and gifts here.

The Italian Truffle Honey is made of acacia honey and white truffles. This truffle honey gives the chicken and grilled apples complex intriguing flavors. Simultaneously sweet and earthy and exotic. It rocks!
“the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy”
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)
The GIVEAWAY truffle (weighing approx. 30g) can be shipped in the USA only. But dear international readers, you can still take part! Do you have a friend, family member or blogger friend living in the US? Now, wouldn’t a French Black Truffle make an awesome winter gift from you? Ooh La La!
When Curnonsky (1872-1956), the Prince of Gastronomes, was asked how he liked his truffles, he replied, “In large quantities, Madame. In large quantities.”
To participate in the GIVEAWAY simply leave a comment on this post. If you are so inclined, tell us about your truffle fantasy or fabulous truffle recipe. The contest will be open through midnight January 24, 2010 PST. The winner will be chosen at random (one chance per person) using Your truffle will be shipped from New York City, FedEx overnight.
“Over the years, Céline Labaune has been constantly seeking to source the highest quality truffles; her diligence and expertise truly set her apart.”
Chef Grant Achatz – ALINEA

Fresh Black Winter Truffle
Tuber melanosporum vittadini
  • Available: December to March
  • Shape: more or less round. size varies from an hazelnut to an orange, typically 2 to 3 oz.
  • Skin: small pyramid shaped warts, black with sometimes dark brown patches
  • Flesh: first white, then gray and eventually black at maturity with a hint of purple and with distinctive white veins, crunchy and soft
  • Perfume: intense, wet forest, humus, chocolate, hint of hazelnut
Bonne Chance!

UPDATE: 1/25/10

There were exactly 100 comments.
Thank you all for your participation!


Christine said, “This is a great giveaway! There are so many great way to incorporate truffles into dishes, they add a divine flavor!”

We can’t wait to read about your truffle creations

100 thoughts on “French Black Winter Truffle GIVEAWAY!”

  1. mmmmm… truffles!! I try to have a jar of truffle carpaccio on hand at all times. I use it on the pomegranate portobello pizza, potato skins with tallegio cheese. And to your point of truffle and honey — I use that combo on tallegio as well. I will have to try it on gorgonzola as I'm sure that's an amazing combo as well!

  2. I recently had a cheese plate at a local restaurant, and one of the condiments served with it was truffle honey. It was the first time that I had tasted truffles, truly a revelation.

  3. love truffles absolutely love the earthy robust awesomeness…makes me want some on top of a nice warm plate of risotto right now

  4. That first photo is the bomb! I ordered some of the truffle honey, but have not gotten it yet. Cannot wait to try it!

  5. I have never heard of truffle honey, sounds absolutely divine! The first time I ever had anything "truffle" was truffle salt with fresh air popped popcorn. I was hooked and have bought the truffle oil and truffle salt from Dean & Deluca. I like to add these to just about anything I make!

  6. Lori Lynn: I have been trying to acquire some of these products since October when I read your last blog about truffles. Truffle honey??? OMG the chicken paillard and apples with truffle honey looks and sounds amazing! I am crossing my fingers!

  7. Oh wow. I'd love to get me some truffles. I've always wanted to try them or anything infused with them. In my dreams I've had them. hehehe… I'd definitely use it in some kind of mushroom and pasta dish. *drool*

  8. Oh La La Lori Lynn!! You are so fancy! J'adore les truffes! I haven't had fresh truffle since I lived in Italy. Spaghetti ai tartifi, simply the best!

  9. Hi, Lori Lynn,
    Thank you giving us the opportunity to try new products. I have never experiences truffle anything yet but would love to try. Have a great day. -Tien

  10. I don't even know what I would do with real truffles but that honey with cheese sounds amazing!

  11. I love truffle honey with gorgonzola, and it sounds fantastic with the chicken! My truffle fantasy would be to be awakened each morning by the aroma of truffles drifting about my head.

  12. What a terrific giveaway! I am obsessed with truffles and have used them in all kinds of ways…but my favorite is the simplest: pasta with shaved truffle, garlic, and olive oil. Now that's dinner!

  13. I'm pretty much a truffle virgin and at my age and foodie standing, that's a disgraceful abomination. I would love to win and experiment.

  14. Oh! I adore truffle, I love it even in my cheese quesadilla 🙂 I'd love to try it with honey, looks absolutely yummie!

  15. I've never had truffle honey before, sounds intriguing. I've used truffle salt before, with mixed results.. it requires a light hand.

  16. I guess my fantasy is to re-create the experience I had when I was a line cook at a restaurant in Chicago. The chef got a delivery of black truffles and I took a big whiff when I opened the package. It literally took my breath away…Felt like I was going to faint. Amazing stuff. I would treat the truffle very simply over a risotto or with potatoes.

  17. My MIL received a lovely truffle cheese for Christmas that we used on top of our Tempeh. Yummy! and PS miss Lori Lynn, you were one of the winners of my GIVEAWAY!!! 🙂 Congrats

  18. I have had truffle oil but never the real thing. It's like having had orange honey but never the real orange. Can't wait!

  19. I am so going to dream about that black winter truffle! But I do have both gorgonzola and the truffle honey from Gourmet Attitude so I know what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow!

  20. I've never used truffles in my cooking, but I can think of many things that would be yummy…mac & cheese, roasted pork loin, homemade ravioli with truffles and manchego cheese filling, butternut squash soup with truffles, flan…my dreams tonight shall be of truffles.

  21. This is a great giveaway! There are so many great way to incorporate truffles into dishes, they add a divine flavor!

  22. This is that moment when I really wish that senso-round would come to the internet already! The smell of shaved black truffle on some pasta is enough to just knock me over. Great post!

  23. Drool….I did not understand what the big deal was with truffles. My husband and I got to go to Italy and I had a pizza with proscuitto and truffle and I was SOLD! I brought home some truffle oil and just used it today for some risotto but man, if I'd had some truffle to shave into it…sigh…melt…

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  24. I've never had a truffle and would absolutely love to experiment with such a gorgeous ingredient! I might work a whole dinner party around it!!
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

  25. Do these photos look enticing! I had truffle honey on my wish list for some time now. I do truffle infused products but somehow – they don't look as tantalizing as your. I love the honey poured over the gorgonzola. Oo la la! This just gladdened my winter heart.

  26. Hold on…(wipes drool away from keyboard). Truffle? Giveaway? I'm speechless! Let's see…my only truffle experiences are using a bit of truffle oil in egg ravioli. I would love to grate the truffle over a bit of risotto, or that truffle honey sounds decadent!

  27. Neither one of us has worked with truffles before, so it's hard to speak about them. It'd be a fun ingredient for us to try. Everyone raves about them, so why not!

  28. Through my job as a food stylist, I have been able to work with truffles as a prop but have never had the opportunity to cook with them for my own purposes. They are very intriguing and I look forward to a chance to try them at home.

  29. Oh truffles!!!! Several preparations using truffles over the years including salads, appetizers and entrees. Truffled wild mushrooms comes to mind.


  30. I've been reading about truffle honey recently…it seems be everywhere now. But I have yet to try it.

    I love shaved truffles on a simple plate of pasta or shaved on top of risotto.

  31. Wow – that truffle honey looks amazing.
    I'd love to win the truffle prize and make some of this much talked about truffle mac & cheese! Yum!

  32. what a fantastic giveaway! i've been craving pizza lately, so i would love to make a white pizza with truffle. i bet that would be delicious!

  33. Gorgeous blog you have here. I'd be much indulged to enjoy that truffle in a buttery, fluffy omelet here at home. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  34. Oooh! Truffles! I once bought a tiny bottle of truffle oil and horded it for years till one day the Husband decided to use it in one of his "fry-ups." Sigh. A lesson in using and enjoying!

  35. I've never worked with anything truffle before, but I'm sure I could do plenty if I ever got my grubby mits on some!

  36. I'd love the chance to re create a dish I've had of roasted butternut squash rissotto topped with shavings of truffles

  37. Truffle honey and Gorgonzola must be food for the Goods!

    I have had only white truffle shaving over the most delicate fresh pasta, seasoned with nothing but a bit of butter and salt. Still can evoke the perfume that emanated from the dish!

  38. You know LL, this is just one of those times that I wish I had a U.S. address 🙂 but I'm sure Katie at Paved with Good Intentions would love to receive a surprise in the mail :).

  39. My oh my that's two of my most favorite things wrapped in one little jar! My first truffle experience was a gorgeous plate of the most amazing truffle risotto. I'd never tasted such an earthy, heavenly flavor and I still think of that deeeelish meal often

    -Laura 🙂

  40. I'm going to hate admitting this…but I've never had truffles – lol…I know, what kind of foodie am I?

  41. Ok, I have to confess, the truffle experience I have is truffle oil, but ever since I saw the movie No Reservation, I have been obsessed with them (just can't afford them right now) I would love to win, will be keeping my fingers crossed!

  42. Love your recipes! My brother ordered a truffle at a restaurant once and wouldn't share with me (not that I blame him). I plan to not share this one with him!

  43. Well, I just purchased some rendered goose fat, and am planning on recreating the french fry recipe from "the man who ate everything." Then I thought, "why not make them truffle fries?"

  44. I would have to spend some time thinking about exactly what I would do if I won. You don't rush something that rare and wonderful.

  45. the first experience i had with truffles was in gnocchi when i was in Italy for my honeymoon. it was really great! i would love to win this so i can replicate that wonderful meal again.

  46. Oh wow, a lot of competition for this giveaway, but for the chance to get my hands on truffle it is so worth it 🙂

    I love it when restaurants serve truffle honey in their cheese course – it makes me eat more cheese just so I can drizzle more of the honey.

  47. What a great giveaway! I am lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time in Umbria in Italy where fresh truffles are on the menu for most of the year.

  48. Everything I have ever tried with truffles has been amazing. I had a tiny bottle of truffle oil once and didn't know what to do with it! But I'd love to try making something with it. 🙂

    krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

  49. white truffle cream is wonderful and truffle & salt makes healthy vegetable preparations taste decadent. but there is nothing like a fresh truffle, pure and simple. pick me! pick me!

  50. Great my hubby thinks I'm crazy now because I keep talking about wanting Truffle infused Honey. My mouth is watering at the thought.

  51. Wow! Great giveaway!I've never tried truffles, but I would find a great dish with a Latin twist to use them 🙂 It sounds delicious.

  52. I just dicovered this site and I love it! I've been missing out and I love love love anything that has to do with truffles!

  53. This giveaway would be like a dream come true! Some people want to win a million dollars. I do too! But this is almost as cool.

  54. I would love a free truffle… because ever since seeing the movie "No Reservations" with Zeta-Jones, I would love to make my own quail with truffle recipe, because I'm a geek like that. And I like free stuff. Especially free gourmet culinary stuff. Way better than a t-shirt.

  55. WOW, my mouth is watering now. Probably the best thing I have ever eaten was fresh made pasta, tossed in a hollowed out Parmesean Reggiano wheel with shaved black truffles on top. The ultimate in fragrant and decadent foods. I hope I win so I can challenge my husband to make that dish for me!

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