Squash Blossom Tortillas

How to Make Squash Blossom Tortillas

The response to my quesadillas florales post last Sunday (here) has been overwhelming! Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiasm! I thought I would show another variation of tortillas florales, by using a flor de calabasa (squash blossom). In addition to being quite pretty, the blossom does add a nice hint of squash flavor to the tortillas.

Harvest a squash blossom, clean, then slice petals to fit onto a tortilla.

Using a tortilla press, form masa dough into a tortilla.

(See previous post for step-by-step instruction to make tortillas).

Arrange squash blossom on the tortilla. Cover with plastic wrap.

Press down on the lid of the tortilla press to embed the blossoms.

Cook tortillas in an ungreased skillet or comal for about 50 seconds per side.

Keep warm between folds of cloth napkins until ready to serve.

Squash Plant

Squash are monoecious, they have male and female blossoms on the same plant.

The squash plant pictured above only had a few flowers (female) in bloom.

These blossoms pictured above (male) were purchased at my local Mexican market. Usually it’s the male flowers that are harvested. These have stems, where the female blossom is attached directly to the fruit. The function of the male flower is to pollinate the female with the help of bees. It is only the female blossom that produces the fruit. Either male and female blossoms can be used to make tortillas flores de calabasas but you will most likely find the males at the market, as the females are left in the garden to bear the fruit.

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10 thoughts on “Squash Blossom Tortillas”

  1. Our local farmers have just missed the boat on bringinf squash blossoms into the market. I try every year and every year get the same answer. Someday…until then I better join our community garden.

  2. I love these and your previous post, they are sensational and would make such a great presentation at a party…..I voted , take care and good luck


  3. This post and the previous post were just awesome. I have never seen such beautiful tortillas! We have an abundance of nasturtiums in the garden every year, and I always throw a few into salads, but I will have to try them in a tortilla like this…so elegant and unexpected!

  4. This is just stunning…I would have never thought to get so creative with the tortilla. Thank you for sharing your inspired ideas and photographs with us. You have true talent.

  5. Your squash blossom tortillas are too beautiful to eat (but I’d eat them anyway…looks so good)! I have yet to find squash blossoms in my local markets and now I fear they’re not in season anymore?

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