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We didn’t go to the French countryside, but enjoyed a taste of French Country decor & cuisine all the same…I recently took my mother to brunch at the adorable Stella Mare’s restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. The house was originally build in 1872 and moved to its current site on the edge of the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge in 1962.

Stella Mare’s Victorian house is a designated historic landmark.

We dined in the Greenhouse, a lovely light and airy room with its fireplace and sofas.

Mussels…in white wine, braised leeks, shallots and cream sauce

California Eggs Benedict…on a biscuit with roasted tomato, spinach,
avocado and hollandaise with roasted potatoes

Coq au vin jaune…French braise of chicken cooked with Riesling wine, lardons,
peas, mushrooms and garlic served with egg noodles

On a rainy day, the fire really adds to the room’s charm.

It’s been quite a month for my mother. She turned 77.
Retired from her job after 15 years at a prestigious  CPA firm.
And started packing up her house for a move to Nevada.
Congratulations Ma! We are all excited for your next big adventure!

Another charming room, the Private Dining Room seats up to 14 people.

The path around the Greenhouse is lined with iceberg white roses.

Across the street from Stella Mare’s is the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, a 42 acre saltwater marsh which includes a freshwater lake providing a refuge for migrating and resident wild birds. If your travels take you to Santa Barbara, this is an all around charming spot to visit!

12 thoughts on “Charming Brunch”

  1. What a beautiful restaurant. I could make myself quite at home there. Congratulations to Ma. What an extraordinary life she has lead and it sounds like the beat will go on. Thanks for sharing. I want to go to Santa Barbara right now!!!

  2. The restaurant does indeed invoke the French countryside. Love the California adaptation of Eggs Benedict (my favorite brunch and I never, ever do favorites). All is inviting and nourishing but the biggest smile is the photo of your beautiful mother clearly enjoying her time with her daughter.

  3. I saved the picture of the yellow walls with the distressed fireplace – because it’s just so beautiful – I want to see if I can reproduce it in my living room and dining room. Next time I visit – I’ll look at the recipes. But this restaurant was simply too gorgeous.

  4. I luv the decor and that fireplace at Stella Mare’s. I enjoy visiting Santa Barbara. Thank you for sharing about this restaurant, another reason to plan a trip there again soon! Congratulations to your mom and well wishes! 🙂

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