SuShi HoLiDaY PaRtY!

Every year, it is my absolute pleasure to plan the Holiday Party for our workplace, Rolling Hills Country Day School. This year, we kicked off the holiday season with a celebration at Sushi Sen Nari in Gardena, California. If you are within driving distance of Gardena and you love sushi, put Sen Nari on your list. From the traditional to the exotic, Sen Nari delivers!

Voted the Best Sushi

Sonny is the owner. He and his wife and the entire staff could not be more hospitable. Sonny and Carol’s daughter graduated from Rolling Hills Country Day School in 2002 so it was especially neat to hold our party in their restaurant. Many photos were taken of Jennifer’s old teachers to email back to her while she studies in Japan.

Live Music

Music performed by Jared Young, he is terrific, check out his site here!
Jared’s singer/songwriter/artistic/passionate style appealed to the whole crowd
even with our with a wide range in age.

Please enjoy Jared’s original music on this youtube clip.

The Tables are Set and Ready

Although the restaurant is relatively small, seating about 80, there are many different seating areas at Sen Nari including the sushi bar, Western-style dining tables, raised tatami-floored seating areas with sunken leg room, and a private tatami-floored room with the traditional low tables.  Shoes must be removed before walking on the tatami mats.

Party Favor: All guests received a colorful set of chopsticks.

Sonny’s Team Gets Ready for the Party

Prepping Eel Rolls

Lots of Rainbow Rolls

Merry Christmas Carved Watermelons!

Platters of food are set out on the sushi bar.
Guests can help themselves or place special orders with the sushi chefs.

Assorted Sushi

Shrimp Tempura

Try this: a creamy sauce made with chopped egg, carrot and cucumber for the shrimp.

Beef Tenderloin with Teriyaki
In addition to sushi, we offered cooked seafood, chicken, beef, and vegetarian choices.

The Guests

We offered premium cold sakes, hot sake, Japanese beers, premium wines by the glass,
soft-drinks, and steaming mugs of wonderful green tea.

Some tips I have learned over the years from planning holiday parties for the workplace:
  • Save the Date. Let guests know the date well in advance of the party.
  • Plan business party date early in the holiday season so as not to conflict with personal holiday parties.
  • Choose a convenient location, not too far from place of business.
  • Have clear communication (in writing) with the Chef regarding food and with the Manager regarding expectations for set up and service.
  • Encourage employees to bring a guest whether it be a spouse, significant other, family member, or a friend.
  • A pretty and joyful invitation indicates your intention to throw a special party.
  • Have specific start and end times. Our party is held on a weekday, 6 PM – 9 PM.
  • Ensure safe transportation.
  • Accommodate special dietary needs.
  • Serve beverages that complement the meal, good wines, and special non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Live music adds to the party atmosphere. Choose musicians that appeal to your entire group. Monitor volume.
  • Employer can make a brief speech, welcome guests, share good tidings.
  • Give unique party favors to take home.

Sushi Sen Nari
18220 S. Western Ave.
Gardena, California

(tell them Lori Lynn from Rolling Hills Country Day School sent you)

11 thoughts on “SuShi HoLiDaY PaRtY!”

  1. What a thoughtful and delicious party. The glowing faces comfirm that. Love the tips for planning the work party – I never make the ones that are a week before Christmas.

  2. This place looks awesome!! I love that you have the choice to go with the traditional seating over on the tatami floors with the low tables. Plus all that sushi looks gorgeously delicious. I bet your coworkers were glad to have you planning this party. Great job!

  3. Great looking sushi there, definitely a nice place for a holiday party! I’m going to my husband’s holiday party later this week, hoping for some good food there too 🙂

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