Muy Sabroso! Tortilla-Crusted Dorado

Muy Sabroso! Tortilla-Crusted Dorado
Cilantro Salad with Heirloom Cherry Tomato & Serrano Pepper
Sweet Lime Vinaigrette

Fresh wild-caught dorado from the Pacific waters off the Baja California coast is marinated with just-picked fresh-squeezed lime juice & olive oil, then crusted with crushed tortilla chips. Dorado (aka mahi mahi) has an alluring mellow flavor and a firm texture with large moist flakes.

To let the essence of the fish shine through, it is simply paired with traditional Mexican flavors resulting in a crunchy, spicy, refreshing dish. Each rich bite of fish is paired with a bite of the herb, dressed in a sweet lime vinaigrette, with a little slice of bright cherry tomato and a sliver of spicy serrano. It’s delightful.

Tortilla-Crusted Dorado Recipe

lime tree, persian lime

tortilla crusted dorado, tortilla crusted mahi mahi, mahi mahi

marinate the fish fillet in lime juice, olive oil, salt & pepper at room temperature for 15 minutes

put tortilla chips in a baggie and crush with a mallet

spread crushed chips out on a plate

press the flesh side of the fish into the chips

sauté fish in olive oil, chips-side-down, until the chips begin to brown

flip the fish

cook skin-side-down in a 350° oven

8 to 10 minutes until the fish is just barely cooked through

cilantro salad, mahi mahi, dorado, tortilla crusted fish

whisk fresh lime juice with olive oil, a bit of sugar, a dash of ground cumin, salt & pepper

toss a bunch of cilantro with the vinaigrette

add quartered heirloom cherry tomatoes & thinly-sliced serrano pepper

serve dorado over the cilantro salad

Margarita Anyone?

23 thoughts on “Muy Sabroso! Tortilla-Crusted Dorado”

  1. Lori Lynn, this looks scrumptious. I just love the abundance of cilantro. Nothing can compete with a fresh bouquet of cilantro accompanying flavors like lime, tomato, peppers and fish. As usual, your food photography left me salivating!

  2. I’ll take that margarita! 😉
    Looks amazing, I never thought to use tortilla fro crusting, but now I’ll have to try. Very creative.

  3. I never thought of cilantro salad but it’s the perfect accompaniment to something with these flavors, especially dressed with fresh lime juice.

    You posted this now so I can only assume this will not be your entry in the challenge though I think it would be a fine one!

    1. Thanks Joan – The Junk Food Challenge was the inspiration for this dish, and the fish plus cilantro salad was delicious, but I am thinking about something more creative for the challenge…still thinking… How about you?

    1. Hi Jen – mahi mahi in Hawaiian, dorado in Spanish, there’s lots of fishing for dorado down in Baja California, Mexico.
      Thanks for your kind comment and enthusiasm.

  4. The kind of dish that makes my heart flutter; just the idea of crushing tortilla chips is exciting! crunchy and smooth texture is my idea of wonderful eating! I miss Mexican food so much!!!

  5. The cooking on the Dorado is perfect. The crust looks fabulous. A fantastic dish in any language. All complimented fabulously by the Mexican flavors. Love the serrano for some heat.

  6. Hi,

    Can you please give the amount for the vinagrette? I am not good with guess-estimating, so what is a “bit of sugar” , or how much lime juice & olive oil? Please help!


    1. Hi Diana – thanks for your interest in the dorado dish! Taste With The Eyes isn’t a recipe blog per se, so I don’t have exact measurements. You can try 2 parts olive oil to one part fresh lime juice, whisk in a small amount of sugar and taste it. If you like it sweeter, add more sugar. If it’s too tart, add more oil. I cook by taste. I hope this helps.

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