Passover Seder Table 2012 and Our Beloved Frog Collection

passover seder table

Passover Seder Table 2012 and Our Beloved Frog Collection

My dear sister-in-law Kristy and I gleefully agonize over the color scheme for the Passover Table every year. When our guests arrive just before sundown, they are always surprised and delighted by Kristy’s table.

And of course, by then, I’ve photographed the table from every angle for Taste With The Eyes. In addition to the striking turquoise & yellow color scheme of 2012, some of the color combinations from our past Seders include:

  • Gold & Raspberry
  • Gold & White
  • Eggplant & Sky Blue
  • Lavender & White
  • Tangerine & Hot Pink

passover seder table,

The Passover Seder Table is not simply a place to tell the story of the Exodus and to eat dinner. The Table is symbolic in and of itself. It is a place where memories are made and traditions are taught. It is where we gather with family and friends, and perhaps strangers too, to celebrate our freedoms.

seder plate

The vibrancy and beauty of the Table reflect our gratitude to God for taking us from slavery to freedom, from sadness to happiness, from pain to joy, from darkness to light. Fresh flower arrangements that mirror the color scheme make the table especially spring-like and festive as we celebrate the bounty, joy, and beauty of the season.

Newcomers to the Seder ask, “What can I bring?” We say BRING A FROG…and we have built up quite a collection over the past decade!

Why a Frog?

frog collection

turquoise yellow passover table

God told Moses, “Behold, I hear the cry of the children of Israel. I have surely remembered you and seen what is done to you. And now I will put forth my hand and smite Egypt with signs and with wonders. Go tell Pharaoh, Let My people go!”

Moses told Pharaoh, “Let My people go!” But Pharaoh said no. So God sent ten awful plagues to punish the Egyptians and to teach Pharaoh that only God is God.

passover seder table

First God turns all the water in all the rivers, streams, ponds and pools in Egypt to blood. For seven days blood flows everywhere; there isn’t a single drop of water for the Egyptians to drink. And God says, “Let My people go!”

passover seder table frogs

But Pharaoh still refuses. Now God sends frogs swarming all over Egypt. Frogs hop into the Egyptians’ houses, into their bedrooms and into their beds.

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-21790" title="IMG_0302" src="" alt="passover frog collection" width="500" height="750" /></a>

Frogs hop into the kitchens where bread is made, and even into the ovens.

passover seder table

And God says, “Let My people go!”


Pharaoh promises to set us free but as soon as God makes all the frogs hop away, Pharaoh breaks his promise.

passover seder table

So God sends seven more plagues: gnats, flies, cattle disease, boils, hail, locusts, darkness.

passover table setting

“Let My people go!” When Pharaoh still refuses, God sends the tenth and final plague – the slaying of the firstborn. But first God tells us to use the blood of a lamb to mark our doors. The Angel of Death will see the mark on our doors and PASS OVER our houses when it is time to inflict the plague.

passover table

“Let My people go!” Finally, finally Pharaoh frees us. God saved us from slavery with signs and wonders.

Little cousin Ava (6-weeks) wearing frogs to her first Seder.

We are all children of God. We remember the Egyptians who suffered such terrible plagues. We cannot satisfy our thirst or celebrate our freedom without remembering the sorrow of other people. We are no longer slaves, but what does our freedom mean? Our tradition teaches that all of us must work together to end slavery, find freedom, and create a better world.

(Portions of this post were written with the help of The Family Haggadah by Ellen Schecter).

Psst. Do you have suggestions for next year’s color scheme?
Please share!

26 thoughts on “Passover Seder Table 2012 and Our Beloved Frog Collection”

  1. What an exquisite table! I am completely in love with the frogs. Your photos are incredible – what are you using for lighting?

  2. Love the scripture; love the tradition; love the Jewish people; and love the frogs…. I can’t wait to taste the food with my eyes!

  3. Turquoise and yellow is one of my favorite combinations! And I love your frog collection. Growing up my best friend was Jewish and I considered myself so lucky to be able to participate in her religious holidays and I think she felt the same to share mine.

  4. Oh, this is just stunning! I love the two colors together, particularly the yellow. Now I’m wanting yellow napkins 🙂 We don’t have anywhere near the room for a table like this so we go to the mom-in-law for Passover. She does a really nice job with the decor but still nothing as perfect as this. I even like the frogs 🙂

  5. What a great tradition! I love that! It would certainly make learning religion more fun to the children in the family with such an adorable theme with the frogs

  6. Next year GO GREEN….froggy green and you know eco friendly green…just a thought. I’m sure it will be beautiful no matter what hues you choose.

  7. Wonderful post- not only the table, which is beautiful, but how you brought in the readings from Exodus and the frogs – the frogs – the frogs. I love the frogs. Remember the movie Magnolia when it was raining frogs?

  8. Thank you for a wonderful evening that we shared with you, your family and dear friends. Everything was just gorgeous. The table setting, the food was outstanding and the Seder was very meaningful. We appreciate all that you do to make Passover so special. Thank you, again, for making Passover so warm and special.

    1. Thank you Geri – we learned from you. And as always, adore your gefilte fish. It is my favorite breakfast the next day 🙂
      So happy to finally meet the babies too!

  9. Beautiful table. although as fans of yours we’ve come to expect nothing less! Love the frogs. Adam’s mother has a thing for frogs and he has given her a frog for Christmas every year of his life since he was 4. It’s always so much fun to find the year’s perfect frog. What a delightful way you used them on the table, just lovely!

  10. Another exquisitely decorated table Lori — I feel like I’ve had a seat at the last 3 family seders! The newest addition to the family is beautiful — so sweet with her little froggy blanket.

  11. I enjoy every post you publish. There is no day that give me disappointment. Gorgeous tables and I can see you put lots of efforts and time for the beautiful table set. My son loves frogs and he will adore all these frog decorations. I already can’t wait for the next post, LL! 🙂

  12. What a lovely table! Funny, my Mom is also a collector of frog figurines. No religious connection I guess she just likes them… I keep one on the guest room night table so she feels at home when my folks visit.

  13. Love the setup. I have seen many Passover Table setups to have Parsley or Greenery as a flower bouquet. Is there a specific reason for this?

    1. Hi Jessie – karpas, a green vegetable such as parsley is on the Seder Plate to remind us of spring and rebirth. Eating karpas dipped in salt water reminds us of the tears cried by our people when we were slaves in Egypt.

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