An Inelegant Table Setting?

turquoise blue table setting
Initially I set the table with turquoise cans of sparkling water because they complemented my color scheme. But on further consideration, I liked the idea that my guests would pour their water into a tumbler full of ice, nice and fizzy, straight from the can.

Water glasses were filled with ice just before everyone took their seats. Guests popped open their own cans. Guess what? They liked this too. La Croix is naturally pure sparking water with no sodium, just a clean taste with crisp effervescence. Inelegant. Casual. Refreshing.

La Croix Water, cans table setting turquoise

Cans on the table? What say you?

9 thoughts on “An Inelegant Table Setting?”

  1. Gosh, every detail is perfect! I even love the coordinating vases on your mantle! Such a lovely casual look with the La Croix cans…it lends such a relaxing feel to your dinner party 🙂

  2. Oh! I never actually realized till now but is turquoise color your favorite? Your blog has nice blue theme too. It’s actually my favorite – keep me calm and happy. And I was actually paying attention not on the can (lol!), but the pot of plant at on the table! That’s my favorite (forgot in English name) and I love your turquoise pot… GORGEOUS, and I really really love it.

    1. Hi Nami – it seems turquoise is my favorite – at the moment anyway, I just bough a beautiful turquoise purse too! The plant is called a Maidenhair Fern, and it is definitely my favorite houseplant! I also like the name 🙂 It’s a bit needy…requires frequent watering.

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