Limoncello Yogurt Parfait

best limoncello yogurt parfait lemoncurd

limoncello, lemon curd, non-fat yogurt parfait
vanilla meringue cookies

Parfait is French for “perfect.” And this is a perfect little boozy dessert. Limoncello is whisked with lemon curd, layered with non-fat Greek yogurt, and served with vanilla meringue cookies. A delightful finale to our recent garden party luncheon.

roses and lemon verbena

Keeping with the lemony theme, the centerpieces are roses paired with lemon verbena.

~ menu ~

appetizer ~ puff pastry with cantaloupe, blue cheese, walnuts, honey, balsamic syrup

entrée ~ garden party shrimp salad, chunky lemon basil dressing (recipe posted earlier here)
grilled baguette

dessert ~ limoncello lemon curd & non-fat yogurt parfait
vanilla meringue cookies

beverages ~ sauvignon blanc & sparkling lemonade

Limoncello Yogurt Parfait Recipe

  • 1 jar lemon curd 10 oz.
  • 6 T. limoncello (or to taste)
  • plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • mini vanilla meringue cookies

Whisk lemon curd and limoncello together in a small mixing bowl. Layer lemon curd mixture with yogurt in small parfait glasses. Top with meringue cookies. Voilà ~ a delicious dainty little dessert in less than 5 minutes!

garden party centerpiece, rose lemon verbena
The idea for this dessert came from Cooking Light magazine, where they use ice cream instead of yogurt. We prefer non-fat yogurt which provides a tart balance to the sweet lemon curd. Vanilla meringue cookies are from Whole Foods Market ~ they are non-fat, gluten-free adding a pleasing crunchy note and make a cute topping to the parfait.

21 thoughts on “Limoncello Yogurt Parfait”

  1. Looking at this makes our mouths water. It is parfait in every way. Love using the yoghurt for the tartness and the glutten free cookies are so cute, and make it easier o nus as well with the discovery of some food allergies we hadn’t counted on. Inviting photos as well. Thank God for Limoncello….

  2. I have a very good limoncello gifted from our friend. All I need is cookies and lemon curd. Oh gosh I can finish lemon curd all by myself… this lemon treat is going to be my favorite for sure. Such a gorgeous outdoor food photography. I have been enjoying your garden party theme!

  3. Once again, the photography is superb! When I retire…ahhhhhhhh…….. I will be trying to duplicate your shots!

    1. Thanks Berta! You need to see the previous post, it was an ΑΦ party! And I met another APHI sister, Michelle, through it too 🙂
      Come visit SoCal when you retire girlfriend!

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