bison & onion burger ~ grill basket method

bison burger
grilled bison & onion burger
arugula & tomato
on toasted sour dough with thai chili mayo

Posting “last night’s dinner” on Taste With The Eyes? A simple burger with onions and the ubiquitous chili mayonnaise? Well, actually, yes. But for a reason. I want to share my method. Here in Southern California we’re grilling all year round. And I love this grill basket.

Burgers and onions fit in one layer. Brush lightly with olive oil, pop it on a hot grill, flip once after 5 minutes. The burgers are juicy and the onions perfectly charred, while the rings remain concentrical.

A whole fish can be stuffed with lemon and herbs, rubbed with olive oil then grilled over high heat. The edible skin is crisp and charred contrasting the melt-in-the-mouth flesh. Using a grill basket makes easy work of flipping the fish, and helps to keep the nicely charred skin intact for presentation.

Grill Basket ~ Burgers & Onions
Grill Basket ~ Whole Fish

And the grilling theme also gives me an excuse to share a couple photos of my cute little guy, Wilson.

boston terrier with one eye
"Thanks for the Shish Kabob, Mom."
dog squeeky toy
"It's delicious. Cooked to perfection."

7 thoughts on “bison & onion burger ~ grill basket method”

  1. That shish ke bob is pretty funny – and so very apt for the doggy of a food blog creator. For me, make that bison burger medium rare. It looks sensational with those grilled onions on top.

  2. It’s 9 pm here and I haven’t eaten since lunch today. And I thought I would be able to get away with skipping the evening meal.. until NOW! Lori.. I barely even eat red meat anymore but this looks and sounds SO good im going to have to rummage through the fridge! I love grilling baskets, I purchased a few of them back in July and I use them indoors over my grill now constantly!

  3. LOL!!!! I love your doggy eating Shish Kabob!!! That’s hillarious, and he’s totally yours!!! The grill basket looks convenient for onions to keep the shape. Your burger looks amazingly juicy and delicious!

  4. Just a little jealous as bison is not a meat I can purchase in Australia 🙂 ! But then you may think the same of our love of kangaroo . . . !

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