Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Baja Kanpachi
Sustainable Seafood Expo
October 1, 2017

It is my pleasure, once again, to be working with the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to promote sustainable seafood with the ultimate goal of sustaining wild, diverse and healthy ocean ecosystems that will exist long into the future. Cabrillo Marine Aquarium strives to educate local consumers, chefs and restaurateurs on this critical topic.

As Southern California’s only major sustainable seafood event, the Expo allows us to spread the word about how and why the seafood we choose should be sustainably caught and farmed, including how to make the best selections when dining out or cooking at home.

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Ocean-Raised Striped Bass

This year the Expo will be held at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium near the Port of Los Angeles. Throughout the Aquarium, you’ll be able to explore informational booths, enjoy scrumptious seafood samples, learn from top chefs during cooking demonstrations, watch educational movies in the auditorium and sip an ice-cold beverage or two.

Actor Adrian Grenier of “Entourage” fame and co-founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation will be back as our Keynote Speaker. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine with him during the Chef’s Table Dinner, which will be hosted at the historic landmark Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse, a 1932 Mediterranean-style structure that is the last of the bathhouses built in Southern California. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience that features locally sourced seafood, seasonal fare, fine wine, great company and an exceptional ocean view.

The Expo provides great opportunities to sample new seafood options and see professional chefs turn sustainable seafood into dishes that you and your family can prepare at home. Experts are on hand to explain fisheries, habitats, species management, and a host of other factors that affect each species.

More than a dozen non-profit and educational exhibitors will share information about their work to protect the ocean, its marine life and the environment. Our speaker panel is made up of top researchers and environmentalists who will discuss pressing ocean-related issues. We’ll also screen short films throughout the event on a range of relevant seafood and ocean health topics.

The Sustainable Seafood Expo is the culmination of a year-round promotion of the sustainability movement and our efforts to help people make savvy seafood choices.

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday, October 1st to learn more about choosing the right fish for your dish!

Sustainable Seafood Expo Information

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017

22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill & Bar
Terranea Resort
Ali’i Fish Co.
Gladstone’s Long Beach
J. Trani’s Ristorante
KD Catering
Anthony Walker Catering
Marina Cafe
Tender Greens
Los Angeles Harbor College Culinary Arts Dept.
Lakeview Farms
Los Angeles Maritime Institute
Parkers Lighthouse
Primal Alchemy Catering
Providence Little Company of Mary
Ports O’Call Waterfront Dining
San Pedro Brewing Co.
The Whale & Ale British Restaurant & Pub
Aztec Foods Enterprises

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Uni (sea urchin)

DiCarlo Seafood
Dock to Dish
Omega Blue Seafood
Prime Time Seafood
Salty Girl Seafood
Santa Monica Seafood
Wild Local Seafood Co.
Wild Planet

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Sustainable Pole and Line Caught Wild Tuna

Lonely Whale Foundation
Aardvark Paper Straw
AltaSea at the Port of LA
Bamboo Studio
Catalina Sea Ranch
Green Wave
Harvest Straws
Heal the Bay
Los Angeles Maritime Institute
Reef Check Worldwide
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Simply Straws
World Centric

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Port of Los Angeles

Welcome back our Keynote Speaker, Adrian Grenier, Co-founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation and recently appointed UN Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador.

Join us and hear him speak about the impact of plastic pollution and learn about his newest initiative, Strawless Ocean.

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Paper Straws

From Strawless Ocean:

Plastic straws are really bad for the ocean. We want to encourage people to stop using plastic straws for good.

Conventional wisdom recognizes most plastic straws that make it into the ocean are either left on the beach, dropped on sidewalks and streets, fall off of boats or blow out of trash cans and transport vehicles. All it takes is a gust of wind or rain storm to push these straws into water ways and into the ocean.

Sure! We aren’t anti-straw we just want to get people to stop sucking out of environmentally damaging single-use plastic straws. There are lots of alternatives available, like paper and reusable straws.

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Ocean-Raised Striped Bass (raw)
Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Ocean-Raised Striped Bass (cooked)
Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Sea Urchin
Seafood Lovers – See you there!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sustainable Seafood Expo @ Cabrillo Marine Aquarium 12 pm -5 pm

Chef’s Table Dinner @ Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse 5 pm – 8 pm

3720 Stephen M. White Drive
San Pedro, CA 90731
Phone: (310) 548-7593

Purchase Tickets Here

Sustainable Seafood Expo 2017
Baja Kanpachi


For this fabulous tasting sample, Baja Kanpachi is rubbed with achiote, then seared. It is topped with Grilled Indian Rose Peach Pico de Gallo, drizzled with Prickly Pear Vinaigrette, garnished with Good Land Organic Caviar Lime and Cilantro.

Also known as the Almaco Jack or Kahala, this species of fish can be found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Omega Blue Baja Kanpachi is grown in the crystal clear tropical waters of La Paz, Baja California with no antibiotics or terrestrial proteins.

With a rich and balanced flavor, it is ideal for use in sushi & sashimi preparations. Baja Kanpachi is a versatile product in the kitchen with other methods such as grilling, sauteing, searing, or poaching. High amounts of protein and omega-3’s make this fish a nutritious morsel as well. Sustainably farmed (of course). Learn more here.

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