Fromage Langres et Champagne

Fromage Langres et Champagne

Kicking off my first post of 2022 with a theatrical Champagne and Cheese Course. Not just any cheese, but a special cow’s milk cheese that originates from the plateau of Langres in the Champagne region of France.

What Grows Together, Goes Together

A broadly accurate principle for matching wine with a particular food is to choose components from the same region…the pairing of fromage Langres (pronounced Lawn-gruh) with Champagne is no exception.

A Unique Cheese

Langres is only rotated once during maturation. The weight of the liquid in the cheese causes it to collapse creating its signature concave cap. The dent on top is the result of the cheese not being turned as it matures, making the cheese settle in the center. It is not exactly clear who originally thought that this dent would be the perfect place to splash some Champagne, but it is!

To Serve Fromage Langres et Champagne

Fromage Langres et Champagne

Description of Langres

Langres has a strong “stinky” aroma while the flavor is more tame and smooth and slightly salty. It has an orange wrinkled edible rind that is rubbed with annatto and washed with brine, enhancing the color and flavor. The white center has a texture that is dense and creamy with a fudge-like core and gooey creamline. The cheese is soft and spreadable and becomes even more runny at room temperature.

Langres Cheese with Champagne

To Serve Langres

Place the Langres in a bowl slightly larger than the cheese itself. Cut a small slit into the middle of the depression on top to allow the bubbles to penetrate. Pour approximately 4 oz. of Champagne from the bottle into the indentation known as the fontaine (fountain). Let a small amount of liquid spill over into the little bowl.

Langres Cheese with Champagne


Serve with a baguette. Spread the gorgeous wet gooey cheese over the crusty bread. Sip the Champagne. Be in heaven.

Walnuts, pears, and rosemary are all fine accents, but make sure to pair Langres with Champagne to impress your guests with drama and panache!

Best wishes for a spectacular 2022!

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