Celebrating Julia Child – Part II

original caesar salad
The Original Caesar – Meant to be Eaten by Hand

To commemorate Julia Child’s 101st birthday on Taste With The Eyes I am updating a few of my favorite JC posts this week. In addition to the re-creation of Julia Child’s First Meal in France posted on Sunday, today we are sneaking into Julia’s kitchen to watch her make the authentic Caesar Salad and Salmon in Papillote in her usual charming and un-fussy manner.

This story is an adaptation from Julia and Jacques Cooking At Home By Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1999. It’s one of my favorite books, Julia and Jacques are adorable together! The book is unique as it gives the perspective from two legendary chefs, who don’t always agree on technique. “Again and again, they demonstrate that cooking is endlessly fascinating and challenging and, while ultimately personal, it is a joy to be shared.”

So, come with me, let’s have a peek into Julia’s kitchen…

In Julia Child’s Kitchen

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