Liquor License Ordeal has Happy Ending for Chianina Steakhouse

Chianina Steakhouse
Chianina Steakhouse

It will eventually be known as one of the premier steakhouses in Southern California.

But what started out as a routine 30-day waiting period for a liquor license turned into a business nightmare. It is one that sadly affected not only successful businessmen but the little guy as well. Theirs is a story about an uncooperative state bureaucracy, bad luck, and perplexing alcoholic beverage policy, but through the team’s perseverance and commitment, resulted in a happy ending.

Just down the street from their other restaurants – Michael’s on Naples Ristorante and Michael’s Pizzeria in Long Beach – the partners of Michael’s Restaurant Group negotiated a lease to open a high-end  steakhouse called Chianina (KEE-a-NEE-na). The opportunity arose when the owners of Kelly’s, the previous restaurant in that location, chose not to renew their lease but still maintain the rights to their liquor license.

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