Why deep-fry a turkey?

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I can state unequivocally that we will NOT be deep frying a turkey at my house next Thanksgiving. I’d be a nervous wreck – two busy nephews, a dog, and a huge vat of hot oil do not mix. But it sure was fun to watch my friends Sally and Al deep fry the bird at their home this past Super Bowl Sunday (recipe here). No little kids, no pets in sight.

In about 45 minutes this 12 lb. hen was faultlessly cooked – with crispy bronzed skin and succulent flavorful meat. A thing of beauty. It didn’t hurt that it was a banner day for cooking outdoors either. Sunny and 70° here in Southern California. So, why deep-fry a turkey? If the conditions are right, the weather and all the (many) safety issues are considered, it would be difficult to get any closer to poultry perfection.

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