5 Fabulous Bloggers: Foodalogue

“A 5-Tapas Cocktail Party for 5-Years of Blogging”

No, it’s not me. I’m only approaching 4 years. But my friend, Lori Lynn of Taste With The Eyes, is celebrating her fifth anniversary by inviting 5 bloggers to guest post on her blog. If you know LL’s work, you know this is an honor with a capital-and-bolded H.

Lori Lynn is a goddess of good taste, a high priestess of entertaining, a hostess with the mostest. I’ve been following her blog since 2008; I guess shortly before we met at the first FoodBuzz Festival in San Francisco. To visit Taste With the Eyes is to have an open door to Lori’s warm and inviting home and gardens, and to meet her family and friends. I feel like I’ve celebrated holiday dinners with the family … attended a seasonal Sunken City Supper Club event … sat at the table and enjoyed creative and exquisitely presented recipes (some of which use ingredients I haven’t heard of) … and vicariously dined at the top notch restaurants she takes us to … and, to all of those I’ve often said, “I wish I was your neighbor!” (Of course, taking the big leap that if I were her neighbor, I’d be invited.)

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