Leftover Day


We are not done yet! It’s our traditional Leftover Day. We put all the leftovers on the buffet, add a honey-baked ham and bread for sandwiches, and voila, we have another party on Friday!

Gail brought her famous grilled shrimp.

Put all the leftovers on the buffet. Help yourself! No rules, eat in any order.

Roasted cauliflower with mustard lemon butter, is good at room-temperature too.

The Ham.
Served in this beautiful new platter, a gift from Wendy.
Thanks Wendy, I adore it!

Buffet on Leftover Day

Turkey Sandwich, of course.

We are so fortunate to have such great weather. Leftover Day is from 1 -5 PM, we eat outside in the backyard.

Don, Scott, Lauren, Jett, Mom, Wendy, Gail, Kristy, Tori, and Tom

This year I bought a stack of take-out containers to send everyone home with all the leftovers.

Wilson’s Thanksgiving Treat
A Toy Drumstick!
Thanks Lauren!