Saint André – Cheese of the Month

Saint André on Puff Pastry
Pear Balsamic Reduction
Rare Hawaiian White Honey
Fried Leek with Muscat Grape

Slice of Saint André
Sautéed Pear
Fresh Muscat Seedless Grapes
Pear Balsamic Reduction
Rare Hawaiian White Honey
Toasted Baguette

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Today, however, we have fallen head-over-heels for the cow’s milk, soft-ripened, triple cream cheese from the Normandy region of France called Saint André. They say, “Imagine the satiny paste of a perfect Brie mixed with equal parts of whipped sweet cream and heavy sour cream.” Oy. Oy. Oy. 
Many of the lovely flavors of Brie are there, and they are so right-on with sweet cream and sour cream notes, but my other favorite attributes of this cheese are the texture and the rind. The texture is drier than Brie yet still creamy. Extraordinary really. And the bloomy rind is creamy, white and soft, slightly fuzzy. Mold spores help transform the curds, then the cheese is allowed to ripen in a humidified room. During this affinage the mold grows, or blooms, to form the rind. Are you fond of the rind? Go here to read more.
Saint André Cheese Course:
So, I wanted to create a cheese course where the texture and rind of this rich heavenly cheese could be appreciated. Due to the richness of this course, I am serving a fresh and forceful Champagne (Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label to be exact). What would you serve?
Teaser: A warm small round of puff pastry is topped with a slice of Saint André, drizzled with pear balsamic reduction and a touch of rare Hawaiian white honey, finished with fried leek with muscat grape. 
Platter: Sautéed pears are served over pear balsamic reduction, with a drizzle of rare Hawaiian white honey and fresh muscat grapes with a generous slice of Saint André, toasted baguette on the side.
To My Fellow Cheese Aficionados 
Please visit Ile de France’s Portal of the French Cheese Community informative site, especially the Saint André page to learn more about this enchanting cheese and other marvelous French cheeses.