Patriotic Potato Salad Trifle

 patriotic potato salad
Patriotic Red, White & Blue Potato Salad Trifle

I woke before dawn to the sounds of police helicopters. Remembering it was 9/11, I jumped out of bed and ran to my deck overlooking the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Harbor. All was calm. Thank God. The day before, my friend Rachel, an LAPD officer, told me about the heightened security all over LA, especially where I live, near the Port. Like many other officers, she was on-call should any problems arise. The helicopters continued to fly over the port all day and into the night, ever vigilant.

As we honor the memory, admire the bravery, and mourn the loss of so many fellow citizens from a decade ago, I wish to express my gratitude to Rachel, to all the men and women in uniform, the heroes of today who continue to inspire us with their courage and work diligently to keep evil at bay.

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