How about a bowl of some nice hot soup?


Ingredient Still Life:
Including pancetta and the rind from the Parmigiano-Reggiano.
The finest Italian ingredients from the A-1 Deli in San Pedro, CA

Garnish with shaved parmesan and basil.

I made this soup for Steve. Get well soon.

6 thoughts on “How about a bowl of some nice hot soup?”

  1. Lucky Steve to have a friend like you!! I save the rinds too for soup!! Funny that we both had Trader Joes in our post! Your soup looks healthy and hearty!!

  2. Lori Lynn, that is a wonderful minestrone. It’s getting chilly here, and this sounds perfect!

  3. Hi Simona, Marie, and Maryann – I appreciate the kind words about my minestrone soup, especially coming from great Italian cooks like yourselves!

  4. in these cold evening, I cook often minestrone, sometimes without pasta, only negetables that mixe like a cream SLURPP 🙂

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