The Light of a Wildfire Sunrise in Los Angeles

On the deck, looking east through the smoke from the Port of Los Angeles toward San Diego.

Heartfelt wishes for the best to all of my neighbors throughout Southern California.

5 thoughts on “The Light of a Wildfire Sunrise in Los Angeles”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re near there. What a horrible, horrible thing that’s going on. I remember wildfires from my younger life in California.

    I just got your comment on the Ojai place! That was exciting! The restaurant we went to was, at that time, called “L’Auberge Parisienne.” It was a big old house with a back porch/deck and a fireplace in the living room (which was the dining room). I remember eating dinner by that fireplace with my father once; that was a splurge for us. Oh, and he took me and some of my friends there for my 18th birthday and they made baked Alaska. God, what memories. Absolutely charming place, and such fabulous cooking. Maybe you went to the same place but the name had changed.

    Take care, and I hope you’re safe during this awful time out there.

  2. Simona, Lisa and Maryann – that color in the kitchen doesn’t look real, but it is. During the fires everything feels so weird. I had a friend, who was evacuated, return home to find hers still standing, but everything very dirty. She said she was never so happy to have a dirty house.

    Lisa – my mother fondly remembers L’Auberge Parisenne, but it was a different place than I was remembering. Ojai is such a sweet little town.

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