English Fruits For Cheese

I am fascinated by food pairings. This fabulous pairing is a Danish Blue Cheese with an English Lime & Chilli Fruit Puree on toasted Italian Ciabatta.

The cheese is triple-cream, soft blue-veined Castello Blue. It has a Brie-like texture, a taste that is delectably rich and buttery, with mild spicy accents of blue veins and the aroma is of mushrooms.

The fruit puree is by The Fine Cheese Co. in Bath, England. This is Lime & Chilli puree, which they make specifically for blue cheeses. Ingredients: bramley apples, cane sugar, lime juice and fresh chiles.

They also have the classic Quince to pair with Spanish Manchego, as well as a Gooseberry puree to pair with aged Gouda. And I love this – they make a cheese wedding cake (not cheesecake!) a tiered cake of cheese with fruits and nuts!

6 thoughts on “English Fruits For Cheese”

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    Shannon Eliot
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    P.S. And who would have thought blue cheese and lime & chilli fruit puree would go so well together? This I must try!

  2. Happy Holidays, Lori Lynn! I didn’t know you had Boston Terriers. I used to have 2 also. Male and female..Rosie and Foley 🙂

  3. Great photos, as usual, and an interesting combination. I am intrigued also by the Spanish manchego and quince puree idea.

  4. Hi Maryann – mine are a male and female, too. Mrs. O’Mally is 9, I rescued her when she was 1. Wilson is 4, I rescued him last year. Apparently he got in a fight, lost an eye, and was dumped in a shelter. I saw him on the web at bostonbuddies.com and scooped him right up. He is a love bug 🙂
    Just like Rosie and Foley, they say one Boston is never enough!!!

    Hi Simona – thank you, and I think they call it membrillo in Spain.

  5. Ouuuu, I am always interested in parings too, Lori-Lynn and I am particularly interested in this one. The saltiness of the blue cheese with a fruit puree, I can imagine one’s mouth having a party with a taste of this 🙂

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