Passionate Pink Roaster

The stuffed chicken breast was awesome. But forget about the chicken, this post is about the pretty passionate pink little roasting pan!

The blinQ tri-ply pink roaster has a brilliant interior finish, and comes with a stainless steel roasting rack, it is a sweet 14″ X 10″ X 3″ perfect for roasting a whole chicken. Stay tuned for that post…

The roaster joins my original pink pan and a fabulous growing collection of blinQ cookware, products, and tools.

“Pinch yourself to prove it’s not a dream,” blinQ
Another special thanks to Heather and the folks at blinQ USA.
Friends, is it normal to get so excited about a little roasting pan?

7 thoughts on “Passionate Pink Roaster”

  1. It’s absolutely normal and reasonable to get excited about kitchen equipment – it’s all part of the passion! I’ve been a little obsessed with enameled cast iron, lately – the Le Creuset variety.

    By the way, I know that you said to forget about the chicken, but it’s a little hard to do that. They look awesome. Could you please tell us what they’re stuffed with?

  2. Hi FA – what are you cooking in your Le Creuset? The chicken is stuffed with spinach, mushroom, leek and goat cheese, and will post very soon. Thanks!

  3. Heck yeah! It is more than normal. If you are looking for abnormal, try this. I would want to admire it all the time and never cook in it because I don’t want it to be soiled or scratched! (lol)

  4. Totally normal!! I have pans that I feel guily about if I don’t use them enough, like my pretty blue Le Creuset grill pan I got for a gift.

  5. Hi Maryann and Cynthia – thanks for the reassurance 🙂

    Hi Marie – both you and Father Adam mentioned Le Creuset, that is one of my favorites too. And my stove: I am pleased with it, I had to get a downdraft because I removed all the upper cabinets and hood.

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