Restaurant Kitchen Photography

My photographs are of restaurant kitchens in Northern and Southern California, Chicago, and New York.

A note to the Chefs: Thanks for the fabulous meals!

17 thoughts on “Restaurant Kitchen Photography”

  1. Hi Simona, Maryann, Cynthia, Marie and Lisa – Thank you very much. I think the black and white photography unfies these four different kitchens into one point of view. I was happy with the results.

    And Marie – the kitchens were all pristine, as professional as you can get. When I saw your comment I thought about Colette in “Ratatouille” where she admonishes Linguini about the dirty sleeves on his chef coat ūüôā

  2. I know from my brother’s place how hard the work in a restaurant kitchen is. Still, I keep dreaming about cooking in one.

  3. Hi Sandi and Merisi – I cooked in restaurant kitchens years ago. Wouldn’t trade those days for anything. Tony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” sure rang true.

    Hi Nina – let me know if you would like me to email you higher resolution shots, happy to do it. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Hi there – I stumbled in from Google – love the pictures! I’d like to echo Nina’s comment – I’d love a couple of these to put in my kitchen. Do I recognize Tru in there?

  5. Hi Nate – Welcome and thanks for commenting. If you are serious about art for your kitchen, I am happy to email you high resolution prints. Email me at sweetbay AT cox DOT net. And although I have enjoyed a lovely meal at Tru, the Chicago kitchen pictured here is Charlie Trotters.

  6. i know i was just here. but i have to say something…’re photography + style is absolutely stunning!

    i have worked with many of photographers way back when i was doing fashion + product photography in l.a. and you truly are a technician and artist!

    truly a Renaissance woman….can’t believe i am just coming across your blog now~

  7. I love your photos, if only all restaurant kitchens’ looked that pristine and organized, truly a dream kitchen.

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