Shiitake Mushroom Risotto with Shrimp

I’m making no apologies for this dish. It comes from a box.
Cooking time approximately 20 minutes.
Active cooking time approximately 60 seconds!

Take raw peeled deveined shrimp from the freezer and run under cold water.
Active time 15 seconds.

Meanwhile add the contents of a box of shiitake mushroom risotto to a pot along with water and cook according to package directions (I substituted one cup of beef broth for a portion of the water), a generous tablespoon of butter, and a splash of tamari.
The beef broth and the tamari enhance the umami flavors.
Active time 30 seconds.
Stir occasionally, 10 seconds (5 seconds X 2).

Add shrimp to the pot about 5 minutes before the risotto is done.
Active time 5 seconds.

Gourmet, no.
Tasty, yes.

If I had some snipped chives, I might have added those…hmmm, and maybe a drizzle of truffle oil, 10 more seconds 🙂

This is Safeway brand risotto. Flavored with onion, garlic, herbs, and spices.

From the box side panel, “With Safeway Select you’ll feel like a culinary genius.”

Your Culinary Genius, signing off…

12 thoughts on “Shiitake Mushroom Risotto with Shrimp”

  1. Nothing wrong with a quick meal like that! There’s a lot of really good products out there, added with that beautiful shrimp, I’m sure it was delicious! It sure looks it!

  2. Sometimes cooking out of a box is better than thinking out of one!
    Problem is, I’m getting really hungry here. 🙂
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, it brought me luck: This is the first time that I could open your blog again with my computer shutting down!

  3. Hi Merisi – I know what you meant. It was so frustrating. But I believe it is all fixed now. Happy to have my blogger friend back.

  4. Hi Laurie – happy to hear from you. I just visited your fabulous blog, I will visit often…and I love your china!

  5. Remember the song: “Little boxes. little boxes….” Maybe I’m giving away my age here, but there is nothing wrong with using really good “convenience foods”.

  6. Hi Nina – OK then, that seems to be the consensus, risotto from a box, nothing to be ashamed of, no apologies then. Sorry to say I don’t know of that song though…

  7. That is genius. 🙂 It can’t be from-scratch gourmet every night! Looks like a quick and tasty treat.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a boxed risotto mix, but we must have it around here.

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