Corned Beef & Cabbage Brunch

I prepare a traditional corned beef and cabbage – simmering the corned brisket in liquid with pickling spices, bay, peppercorns and carrot, onion, and celery for about four hours. Then I remove the beef, add quartered cabbage and potatoes, and cook until tender.

For this brunch dish, eggs are poached in the corned beef cooking liquid.  This gives the eggs an extraordinary flavor.

I mix mayonnaise and creme fraiche with whole grain mustard and horseradish and spread this on toasted rye bread. Top the rye with sliced corned beef, then the poached egg, along side a helping of potatoes and cabbage.

This photo is my submission to CLICK, a theme-based monthly food photography event. The theme this month is “metal.” This food photograph features my French SABATIER knife with fork.

4 thoughts on “Corned Beef & Cabbage Brunch”

  1. Lori Lynn,
    The middle far left of your photo shows a piece of cabbage smiling with pickling spice for the eyes and carrot for a smile..I’d be smiling to if I was keeping company with such splendid companions! 🙂

  2. i see it too – the smily cabbage. that looks truly scrumptious. thanks for dropping by and for your entry.

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