Artichoke & Cambozola Quiche

If Camembert and Gorgonzola are among your faves you will love this Cheese Marriage Made in Heaven.

Cambozola is a German triple cream cow’s milk cheese reminiscent of French Camembert inoculated with the same blue mold used to make Italian Gorgonzola.

For the Quiche: The pie crust is pressed into the Le Creuset pan. Most of the rind is removed from the cheese and it is roughly sliced.

Frozen artichoke hearts are cooked, drained, cooled, and seasoned with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Place artichokes atop the cheese. Add the custard. Go here for my basic quiche custard recipe. Bake at 350 for about an hour maybe 1 and 1/4 hour.

The cheese melts thoughout the quiche, so the flavor is in every bite just like the Brie, Toasted Almond & Herb Quiche.

Didn’t get enough of that delicious Cambozola? Try a green salad, tossed with walnuts, baby heirloom tomatoes, and roasted walnut vinaigrette with warm Cambozola on toasted multi-grain baguette.

23 thoughts on “Artichoke & Cambozola Quiche”

  1. Lori Lynn, this is one of the most decadent cheeses…moldy bleu combined with creamy brie….Ummmm!

  2. Triple cream and artichokes?? Its like Mardi gras in your mouth!!! Lori Lynn, you always amaze me!

  3. The quiche looks great, and I have an addiction problem with gorgonzola, but I can’t stop looking at that pan. Every time you show it, I go to the Le Creuset site and try to order one only to talk myself out of the expense. Today’s the day I follow through. And what a pie! Love the site.

  4. Today’s the day I finally go out and buy a Le Creuset like your pie pan. Oh, yeah, and the pie sounds fabulous. I have an addiction problem with gorgonzola. Once spent an entire weekend with a huge chunk and nearly did myself in when I made a grilled cheese sandwich from it. Too much at once. Love the blog.

  5. OH YAY, the artichoke quiche! I was hoping you would post this after mentioning it the other day. My goodness! This is NICE. I would never be able to make spinach quiche again…. which, come to think about it, isn’t a bad thing. Thank you for the great recipe.

    xoxox Amy

  6. It looks like I am not the only one that sighs over your pan: not sure what I am waiting for before I get myself one. The quiche looks simply great.

  7. HI Everyone! Here is my 30 second commercial for the pan:
    Le Creuset Tatin Dish 9¾” 2 qt

    “While the inspiration for the pan came from the tempting, homey, Tarte Tatin, a beautifully simple dessert recipe treasured in France, Le Creuset’s 9¾” Tatin Dish is perfect for everyday and special days, appetizers, main courses and desserts. Le Creuset’s Tatin Dish is handcrafted of porcelain enamel cast iron and is designed to perform with recipes that are started on top of the stove and are finished in the oven. Dimensions are 10″ in diameter and 2″ in height. The pan is specially designed with large flat side handles that make it easy to lift, rotate or flip foods over onto a plate.”

    On Le Creuset website the colors available are red (like mine), flame (a cool orange), and I have also seen it in cobalt blue on Amazon. It sells for about $100.

    Happy Shopping!

  8. Love, love, love Cambozola. What a fantastic quiche. I love the photo of the cheese on the bread, too. Just beautiful.

  9. Alright already!!! You got my savory attention – gawd… artichokes, gorgonzola cheese – could you hit me any harder – two of my very favourite things. I resisted getting some gorgonzola at my local Italian cheese place and now I’m sorry I did.

    I really hate it when I start drooling – it makes such a mess of my clothes.

  10. Hi Again Everyone:
    If you make this remember to get good quality artichokes (sometimes they are tough) and cook them thoroughly.

    Lisa- cute shirt, I had to enlarge to see it!

    Raffy Jay – Welcome, your blog is not of this genre, so I am surprised and happy to hear from you 🙂

  11. This quiche looks beautiful Lori Lynn…mmm, with a green salad… and I have to look out for this cheese, I don’t know it, it looks glorious.

  12. Thank you for this delicious recipe, I love both artichokes and Cambozola cheese. I am getting hungry here, one hour to early for lunch! 🙂

    Have you ever tried to roast frozen artichoke hearts? They are wonderful as a snack or as a basis for recipes like yours. I put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and some olive oil sprinkled over it, baking them in a preheated 450F oven for about 15 minutes (start checking after 10, turning the artichokes). Roasting intensifies the flavour and caramelizes the part of the artichokes that touches the oiled baking sheet.

  13. Lori Lynn..this combination sounds perfect!! Your preparation of this quiche looks phenomenal..
    I have this problem..I buy too many cheeses and hoard them all for myself.. is this going to be another cheese hard to say “no” to? 🙂
    It looks too yummy!!

  14. Lori –
    Great way to use artichokes. Will try this one with Fr3eddie as he loves artichokes ( s surprise hit of the Great Big Veg Challenge)

  15. Merisi – roasting them! Brilliant!

    Charlotte – I’m sure Freddie will love it, maybe with a milder cheese without a blue vein, maybe Brie?

  16. What a beautiful blog you have and this recipe is so exciting! I love artichokes and blue cheese- this has got to be incredible!

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