Wild Salmon, Cannellini Bean Basil Broth

Heart Healthy Wild Salmon, Cannellini Bean Basil Broth

I having been preparing and photographing some heart healthy dishes. This one is a flavorful low-fat/low-sodium chicken broth with cannellini beans, minced garlic sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, with rough chopped fresh basil. This earthy soup is topped with crispy-skin fresh wild salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Health Benefits of Cannellini Beans

These beans are low-fat, high in fiber and provide a high quality of magnesium, fiber, iron and folate. They help cut cholesterol. The beans fiber binds to fat to help flush it from the body. It’s also loaded with folate which helps lower levels of homocysteine, which clogs arteries. From Today’s Women & Health.

I am submitting this photo to the CLICK theme-based monthly food photography event for this month, which features any and all kinds of beans ‘n lentils.

14 thoughts on “Wild Salmon, Cannellini Bean Basil Broth”

  1. Lori Lynn..these are the kinds of dishes I crave, yummm!! We grew up eating beans and rice ( making up a whole protein) often instead of “always” eating red meat. During Lent season we had fish every Friday night..my mom would love this recipe as well as I would..I’ll have to pass it on to her!!

  2. Lori lynn, lucky you to get a hold of some wild salmon. In keeping wit the wild theme, this dish is nicely rustic with the bed of beans…may I eat from your plate?

  3. I made a dish with cannellini last night: they are so good! I love the combination basil and wild salmon.

  4. This dish looks great! You put great thought into the layout of each dish and entry. The entry blog is so well done! KC

  5. We are huge fans of wild salmon! I love how you serve it with a bean soup. I’m always trying to do the same-ole in a new way. This would be perfect for us since it’s healthy & I can add a garlic loaf (my boys love to dip bread into the broth) for my carbo-loading son. Thank you, honey, for sharing!

    xoxox Amy

  6. Hi Everyone, especially Amy – I have also made this dish with a piece of rustic grilled bread brushed with olive oil. Place the bread in the broth then place the salmon on top.

    Hi Raffy Jay – I am a cook 🙂
    Welcome K.C.!

  7. I just made tilapia on cannelini beans, spinach, and mushrooms for dinner last night. Next time, I’ll try salmon.

  8. Thank you for the recipe! That looks amazing, and I’m going to make this for dinner tonight. I am sure it’s heavenly!

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