Hollywood Bowl Picnic

Summer Evening in LA
Picnic and Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural outdoor amphitheater in the United States. It is a friendly sociable place where Southern Californians gather to picnic and enjoy outstanding music. Last Wednesday, we thoroughly enjoyed the music of Chris Botti and Orchestra. Chris is an engaging entertainer, refreshingly humble, gracious and funny, not to mention a fabulous trumpeter. He’s my new fav. You can hear him here.

The gates open at 6 PM for the picnickers  to set up their tables and enjoy a meal before the show starts at 8 PM. We set up our box then went around to socialize with our neighbors and check out their picnics before dinner.

I spy… Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Our Mediterranean place settings and picnic menu:
Green Olive Tapanade, Dates, Sprouted Flatbread
First Course
Shrimp, Herbed Tomato & Feta
Grilled Ciabatta
Cold Thin-Sliced Beef Tenderloin – Savory & Sweet Mustard Rub
Lemon Caper Aioli
Arugula Salad – Rosemary Vinaigrette
Cannellini Bean, Haricot Verte, Roasted Tomato, Marcona Almond
Grilled Apricot
Greek Yogurt, Honey, Chocolate Mint Sprigs

Since table setting is one of my hobbies, I get a kick out of some of our neighbors’ tables…
this one is totally groovy!

These gentlemen had a manly setting and a nice bottle of Zin

Adorable little fresh flower arrangement,  jaunty table cloth & napkins

Centerpiece is a gourd with sprigs of lavender with sophisticated white linens
After the meal, the chairs are turned around to face the stage, everything is packed up and stored stuffed under our seats, and then…

…we enjoy the show!

Bravo Chris Botti and Orchestra!

“To me, music that breaks your heart is the music that stays with you forever,” muses the best-selling jazz artist Chris Botti when talking about his new album, Italia. “It’s one thing to be melancholy and one thing to be sophisticated, but when you get the two of them together in a way people can relate to, then I think you’re on to something.  You want the sophistication to lie in the purity of the sound, the beauty of the arrangements, and the quality of the performances.”
A special thank you to Val, James and Terri for a wonderful evening under the stars.

18 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl Picnic”

  1. This is so very nice. I miss outdoor concerts in the summer. When I lived in Italy I went a lot. But we did not have picnic tables.

  2. I haven’t visited in a while… I always love your blog, a little food, a little wine, and a lot of fun.

  3. What an evening! Outside with wonderful food, in such a great setting, and listening to Chris Botti!! How did you know I adore him!!I became A PBS member just so I could get special tickets to a concert he was having here, 7th row dead center!! He is amazing!
    Although we don’t have the gorgeous Hollywood bowl, every August we look forward to going to “Ravinia” with family and friends for Tony Bennett, hauling in our wine, candelabra’s, and food! A great evening similar to yours Lori Lynn.

  4. Looks like a blast! I want to steal your groovy neighbor’s plates, too.

    Tell your Bostons hi from my pug 🙂

  5. How spectacular!!! I can’t even imagine what a WONDERFUL evening this must have been! 🙂 I first heard him with Sting, another one of my musical heroes! 🙂

  6. HI Simona – ooh, I would love to go to an open air concert in Italy, dreamy…

    Thanks Emiline – planning a picnic menu is fun, you have to consider not only temperature, but transport. This one worked. YAY!

    Hi Sandi – I kick myself every month I miss the COTM event.

  7. Hi Marie – I know Ravinia (I’m from Chicago) but haven’t been in decades, it is wonderful! So you are my soul sister, as Chris Botti ROCKS! I like the candelabra idea…

    Darius T. : you bet, especially the beef tenderloin.

    Hi Heather – I’ll let them know 🙂 Hello from the pooches.

    Oggi – it was good music and good food, but I gotta tell you, the music blew me away, far exceeding what I was expecting. He’s my FAV!

    Hi Laurie – STING WAS THERE!

    Hi Cynthia – ’twas.

    Psychgrad – that was what enticed me to attend at first, I wanted to plan the picnic. Priorities you know.

  8. Hi, it’s me again, I just read Sting was there! Oh what a night! The older he gets the better he is! (I have a secret crush on him too) I have showed so many family members your post here, they just love the setting!

  9. Hi again Marie – oh, I did not mean to mislead anyone, Sting was there, and Chris acknowledged him, but he was not on stage.
    So, next time you are in SoCal, you’ll have to make a trip to the Hollywood Bowl, eh?

  10. Oh, Lori Lynn! This whole thing is so wonderful! First of all, your menu is amazing; I want to eat every single thing on it. And then there’s the table setting; gorgeous, and just perfect for the picnic. I enjoyed seeing the other tables, too.

    I attended my first-ever concert at the Hollywood Bowl (I grew up in L.A.) It was James Taylor, and I think the year was 1972. So your post brings back nice memories. You got beautiful photos of this wonderful venue.

    Finally, thank you for introducing me to Chris Botti. I adore his quote here, and I plan to run out and buy Italia.

  11. Ahh Lisa- SWEET BABY JAMES! Love it. I hope you got Chris’ CD. I am so enjoying the music, especially first thing in the morning.

    You and I switched, I grew up there and moved here, and you the opposite.

  12. This sounds like an amazing night. I love viewing the different tables. And your menu! Well it sounds wonderful and a lot to carry in! How do you do it? I need tips for concert in the park down here.

  13. Hi Nicole – it is a lot to schlep! We had two very big insulated zipper bags and put them on a collapsable dolly.
    Have fun at your concert!

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