Wild Caught Petrale Sole, Two Sauces

Fresh Wild Pacific Northwest Petrale Sole
Honey Teriyaki and Tahini Drizzle
Cilantro and Pickled Ginger

Here I lightly flour and season the fish then sauté in half butter half olive oil over medium heat. The sole is plated then drizzled with Honey Teriyaki and Tahini sauces and topped with Cilantro and Pickled Ginger.

The Royal Foodie Joust is a monthly competition involving creativity and three ingredients hosted by The Left-Over Queen. The current month’s ingredients are picked by last month’s victor, Peter of Kalofagas, who chose ingredients that sang to me:
  • Seafood
  • Cilantro
  • Sesame

Wine Recommendation: M.Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes du Rhône Rosé
Do I expect to win the JOUST, just by drizzling two bottled sauces on a piece of fish and topping it with the third ingredient? No way. But I so loved the synergism of the elements of this dish, I do believe it is worthy of sharing.

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Sole Meunière in honor of Julia Child

23 thoughts on “Wild Caught Petrale Sole, Two Sauces”

  1. That sauce combo sounds delicious, especially with the cilantro. That’s a very pretty dish!

  2. You don’t have idea how I enjoy your blog , is a real delicious for my senses I love the fish, but unfortunately I dislike cilantro. but never mind , the dish looks fabulous

  3. Great job LL – as I try to incorporate more fish – sole is one of the ones that so far, I’m really okay with. This is intriguing. Great entry for the joust

  4. Mmmmm. I think you should win! Why not? This is great. I love that it looks appealing, it’s healthy AND it’s easy. My goodness, all meals should be like this.

    xoxox Amy

  5. Hi Ann – thanks, it was tasty!
    Hi Peter – I love cooking fish. Thanks.
    Hi Kevin – ’twas.
    Hi Emiline – soul, cute!
    Hi Dhanggit – fit for a king!
    Hi Heather – it was a fine pairing of flavors.
    Hi Pink – ah, yes, the ART of drizzling…
    Thanks Nicole – I hope you got something to eat.
    Sylvia – you are too kind. Maybe substitute some scallions?
    Hey Giz – I saw your cod dish. Looked good!
    Thanks Amy – it was good, and very easy (maybe too easy to WIN?)

  6. The fish looks lovely, the pickled ginger and cilantro complementing it perfectly.

  7. This looks amazing! I love how fresh and delicious everything looks and I love anything with tahini!

  8. Hi WANF – sure did! thanks.

    Hi Vancouver – I especially liked the pickled ginger and cilantro, I’ll use that again sometime in the future.

    Hi Jenn – me too on the tahini.

  9. Pan-fried fish is one of my weekday staples – so I’m well chuffed to have a new sauce combo to try with it next time!

    Great entry!

  10. Hi Anon – that was why I said I didn’t expect to win. It was with 2 bottled sauces, you can buy anywhere, Teriyaki and Tahini, but the point of the post was it is a really good combination! Even with bottled sauce. And EASY. Do try, let me know what you think.

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