Trio of Duck Fat Fries

I just returned from a trip with my sisters (aoe) to Scottsdale, Arizona. We were fortunate to stay at the fabulous Fairmont Scottsdale Princess where Michael Mina recently opened Bourbon Steak.
One of the chef’s signature items is this Trio of Duck Fat Fries. I’m laughing about posting it immediately after my heart healthy artichoke. Oh well…
I was excited to get a tour of the kitchen. There are 4 deep-fryers in a row. It was explained three contain duck fat and one vegetable oil for vegetarians. The fries are seasoned, then fried, then seasoned a second time so they need their own fryer as to not mix the flavors. This array included smoked paprika fries paired with barbecue sauce, truffled fries paired with garlic aioli, and chive fries paired with spiced ketchup. We all agreed they were the best fries we had ever eaten, bar none. His website gives a detailed recipe, please visit here.

Here, the designer used elements of the southwest; leather, wood, stone to create a breathtaking space. Blown away by every aspect of this restaurant from design and decor, to service, food and drink, I cannot wait to try other Michael Mina restaurants.
I want to extend a special thank you to Chris, Brian, Jennifer, James and the excellent staff at Bourbon Steak for the truly extraordinary evening.

9 thoughts on “Trio of Duck Fat Fries”

  1. Lori lynn…the best for frying (duck fat) and as for your previous post vs. this one…chaulk it up to ying & yan!

  2. I recently made the best fries I ever had using duck fat, the idea from the same Michael Mina featured in the latest issue of Gourmet magazine. I agree with him, they are hard to resist!:)

  3. Hi Peter – good idea, will do!

    Hi Laurie – oh yeah!

    Hi Oggi – Welcome! OH, I’ll have to look at Gourmet.

  4. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great trip. I just made sweet potato fries (seriously not an hour ago!) & I thought they were out-of-this-world and now I see this post….. Mmmm! I love the idea of making something commonplace like french fries into something extraordinary like what you had there. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxox Amy

  5. I’m sure the artichoke and fries cancel each other out. I’ve been surrounded by duck everything for the past week. Slowly, I’m being converted to the world of duck

  6. Hi Amy- Thanks. I too like the idea of taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. Michael Mina does that so well.

    Hi Psychgrad – Yep, canceled each other out. haha
    I’ve always loved duck, gotta make some soon.

  7. Oh yea Nicole, those were really great, but the smokey paprika a close second! And Welcome! I am off to visit your blog now 🙂

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